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Make your workspace comfortable at home with small touches

In these days when we are struggling with the global coronavirus epidemic and starting to work from home, M. Architect Feza Ökten Koca shared the points that should be considered architecturally in order to both increase efficiency and motivate. Expressing that the space we use as a home-office should be a unique area, or a corner if there is no space, Koca said, it is very important to use an ergonomic desk and office chair that is suitable for user health during work.

Share space by occupation

Emphasizing that our homes, which we have used for our non-work activities, now have to respond to these different functions. Ms. Architect Koca stated that we can create as comfortable workspaces as possible in our homes with small touches we will make without outside support.

“Not every house may have an area designed as a study room. And in the current situation, in a house consisting of spouses and children, while the children are following the online lesson at the same time, the parents can be used as a home-office. Saying “ , not everyone can have a study room of their own”, Koca said that children can adapt to this situation much faster in their own rooms, on their own study desks, but the situation is much more difficult for parents.

Stating that it would be best to share space according to the profession, the architect expresses that it would be the right choice for people who need materials such as paper and pencil other than computers, perhaps to use the large dining table in the living area as a work desk and adds: “Sometimes a glazed balcony or a small glazed terrace area is also used as a very good home-office area. can be used. We should be positioned at a point where we can make maximum use of daylight and get enough fresh air while working. At night, a sufficient point lighting will provide the necessary comfort, rather than a general lighting in the working environment.

Avoid details that will impair concentration

Pointing out that there should be no details that would disturb the concentration of the user in the work area, Koca said that there should be no details that would disturb the concentration of the user. He adds that it is very important to use a desk and office chair. Noting that sitting for hours in the chairs we use at the dining table can cause health problems, the architect emphasizes that since the living area is generally shared with the family, it would be beneficial to use headphones especially to prevent noise from disturbing the concentration: “It should not be forgotten that the home-office environment is not only used individually. Also, the image to be displayed during virtual meetings should be well thought out, our faces should be clearly visible on the screen, and the image behind us should be simple enough to not disturb the concentration of the meeting.

Emphasizing that the acoustic properties of the environment should also be good in order for the sound to be transmitted over the virtual meetings to be cleaner and more understandable, Koca said that instead of glass and metal items that may cause ringing, wooden and metal items should be used.

“We now know how working at a computer for long hours negatively affects skeletal health. That’s why we started using height-adjustable desks in offices. These can be used in offices either sitting with a chair at desk height or standing up by raising them, which makes the skeleton healthy by putting it in different positions during the day” says the architect, adding that furniture with this design feature can also be used in homes. According to Koca, work environments shaped with a desk, office chair and a small but comfortable single seat can be used both comfortably and in accordance with the health of the user.

Adding to his words that working from home will be challenging for parents with the smallest children, the architect recommends that people in this situation define a room in the house as a working space. According to Koca, working hours should be explained in a language suitable for children and care should be taken not to use that environment outside of work. In this way, the child will clearly understand when the parent will work and when he will take care of himself.

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