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Reflect the energy of spring into your home

With April, the herald of spring, we started to prepare for spring in many subjects, from clothes to our skin, especially during these days when we stayed at home due to Corona. What about our living spaces? Feel all the energy of the season to the fullest while you renew your home like nature with the little touches you will apply.

Fill your home with the energy of spring

Our living spaces are always special and one of the places we value most. In the houses where we spend more time than the winter season, the spring air begins to blow. With the arrival of April, the spring cleaning we do in our body and soul is also reflected in our homes. It does not mean that you can completely renovate your home with a different decoration every season. Neither time nor money can withstand it.

Add vitality to your home with flowers

Kestirengöz, who underlined that houses bloom like trees, “The first thing you will do is Determine your focal point for the process. This can be your living room or living room. You can move on to the application part by using flowers around your windows to color a place that seems monotonous. Also, a vase full of flowers and spring scented candles bring the cool and soft air of spring in. One of the favorite items of winter It’s time to put the blankets in the closet and bring the colorful spring joy into our homes and our lives. It is useful to take advantage of the sun’s rays to add both energy and vitality to your home. Therefore, let’s say goodbye to thick curtains until autumn. A different atmosphere in the environment with lampshades and candlesticks instead of chandeliers in lighting. Feel free to use pastel colors.Get rid of the excess, more minimal and Turn to functional decoration. Evaluate empty walls with tables” .

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