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Stylish suggestions that will make a difference in kitchen decoration

To renovate your kitchen, you don’t need to allocate a serious budget, and you don’t need weeks of renovation work. You can implement simple ideas that will change the atmosphere in an instant. In this way, you will be able to achieve the desired effect. So, what can you do for a kitchen decoration that makes a difference?

  • Allow White!

Let the white color, which will make your kitchen look more spacious and wider, dominate the kitchen completely. The white color, which will allow you to achieve a distinctive effect especially in small kitchens, should dominate all areas from the walls to the kitchen counter! In this way, you can combine the attractiveness of white with the elegance of your kitchen and create a wider kitchen perception.

  • How about Painting the Tiles?

Your tiles that you have been using for years are old and their patterns don’t look good to you anymore? Then paint your tiles! With specially developed tile paints, you can give any color you want to all tiles in the kitchen. This method is both easier and more economical than replacing tiles.

  • Create Your Own Island!

Not every kitchen has an island. However, the island also adds a completely different atmosphere to the kitchens. So create your own island. Take the kitchen table off the wall and place it close to the counter and use it as an island. If you wish, you can also make shelves for the bottom of the table, so you can get a full kitchen island look.

  • Live Plants Bring Life to the Kitchen!

You don’t have to keep all the plants in your house in the hall. You can also put a few live plants in your kitchen and thus get the impression of a lively living space. If you say ‘I don’t have a place’, you can position the flower pots in your kitchen with the help of the apparatuses hanging from the ceiling.

  • Replace Batteries!

Our last suggestion to you is to replace the faucets in the kitchen. Especially if you make this change along with some of the suggestions we have listed above, you will notice how your kitchen turns into a completely different space. If you need some inspiration and to see some stylish kitchen models, visit intema Mutfak.com.tr right now. Especially Vega kitchen model will impress you. You will be amazed by every detail from the colors used to the design. There are examples on this site that will allow you to get beautiful kitchen decoration ideas, stop by now and take action for a new kitchen.


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