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Tiny house features

Tiny house type houses are one of the most popular places to relax in recent times..

Sustainability, which makes itself felt in different sectors, highlighted the small house concept, which is also called tiny house in architecture.

Tiny houses, which are especially preferred by the millennial generation, have entered the radar of all generations because they are built in a short time and offered at an affordable cost.

walking house

The tiny house, which is also used as the “walking house”, offers the opportunity of home comfort in nature as well as being small in size and plain.

Moreover, it has the ability to carry your home wherever you want to travel.

Least harm to the environment and pocket

It is produced for living, which started to develop in western countries during the 2008-2012 Global Economic Crisis, with less expense and less damage to the environment.

This type of houses, which are frequently preferred in the world, are designed between 10 square meters and 30 square meters, with wheels or as fixed and have a single storey.


tiny house

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