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4 reasons why you are constantly hungry

It is the energy we get from the foods we eat that enables us to stay fit during the day and to finish the day in the best way possible. Since the body meets its energy from food, it is very normal to feel hungry a few hours after meals when there is no snack. However, the feeling of hunger immediately after eating is dangerous and other health problems may arise. Dietitian Dilara Demirkan Erkek explained 4 reasons why we are always hungry.

1. Reactive hypoglycemia

If you are experiencing fatigue after meals, the need for sweets that are constantly felt throughout the day, trembling in hands and feet, anger in hunger for a long time, hypoglycemia may be one of the reasons for your constant hunger. Irregular and carbohydrate-based diet, stress and excessive caffeine consumption trigger reactive hypoglycemia.

2. Insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone secreted from the beta cells of the pancreas. By allowing glucose (sugar) to enter the cell, it reduces the sugar level in the blood. In people with insulin resistance, insulin cannot take glucose into the cell and blood sugar begins to rise. This situation causes the feeling of not being full, the need to eat sweets constantly, weakness and fatigue.

3. Hypothyroidism

It occurs due to non-functioning or insufficient functioning of the thyroid gland. In this hormone deficiency, metabolism slows down and causes weight gain in the body. Resistance and hypoglycemia develop due to increased body fat and malnutrition. This causes you to feel hungry often.

4. Stress and insomnia

Those who sleep and rest poorly control their appetites much more difficult, and reach a feeling of satiety more difficult. There is also the possibility that you prefer high-fat and calorie foods when you are tired and sleepless. When you are anxious or nervous, a hormone called cortisol is secreted in your body and this can cause you to feel hungry. Many people under stress tend to prefer foods high in sugar and fat, or both.

Thirst, excessive salt consumption, menopause, drugs used, alcoholic and carbonated drinks can be counted among the causes of frequent hunger.

What can we do to avoid being hungry often

– Not all foods provide a feeling of fullness at the same rate. Protein-rich and high-fiber foods keep us full longer than other foods. For this, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, oil seeds, legumes should be included in our eating habits.

– Eating without skipping meals, having 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks a day is an effective method to prevent both hypoglycemia and insulin resistance as it will balance blood sugar.

– Excessive caffeine consumption should be avoided and it should be a habit to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily.

– With regular sleep hours and sports that you will add to our lives, you will be free from stress, prevent overeating and accelerate your metabolism.

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