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Food safety and nutrition during the coronavirus era

After the coronavirus epidemic, everyone closed their homes. Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Istanbul Kultur University (IKU), who advises on food safety, cleanliness and what needs to be done for good nutrition during the coronavirus epidemic. Dr. Gürhan Raif Çiftçioğlu touched upon the five important items determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and drew attention to the fact that malnutrition can lead to obesity in this process.

Raw and cooked foods should be kept separate from each other

Stating that the first item is to cook the food well, Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu listed the other items as follows: “Keeping raw and cooked food separate from each other, paying attention to the cleanliness of hands and the materials used, keeping raw and cooked foods separate, using clean water and food, and It is important not to leave it at temperatures between 60 degrees.” Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu, detailing the aforementioned items, said “Raw and cooked foods should be kept separate from each other after cleaning. Because raw foods can contaminate cooked foods. While cooking the food, care should be taken to ensure that the temperature is above 70 degrees. Apart from this, care should be taken not to leave the dishes in the danger range between 4 and 60 degrees. The 4 degrees we use the refrigerator is a sufficient temperature for bacteria not to grow” . Emphasizing the importance of clean water and food use, Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu said “All fruits and vegetables taken should be washed with clear water. Although shell foods contain some vitamins, it would be better to consume these foods by peeling them during this period” .

Unhealthy nutrition can cause obesity

Underlining that people who stay at home during the epidemic are at risk of inactivity and unhealthy diet, Prof. Dr. Çiftçioğlu, “In this period, it is necessary to pay more attention than ever to a balanced and adequate diet. It is important to consume all the nutrients the body needs in sufficient quantities. If we do not pay attention to what we eat and drink, we may face the risk of obesity at the end of this process” .

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