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It is possible to lose weight in Ramadan

Experts say that with careful nutrition, it is possible to both fast and lose weight in a healthy way in Ramadan. Esteworld Hair Transplantation and Plastic Surgery Health Group Healthy Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuğbanur Şaşmaz states that Ramadan can be started with a smaller stomach and lost weight, and that the fast should be broken with a date or a glass of water.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, it has been frequently discussed how fasting people should eat and whether they will lose weight during this period. According to experts, it is possible to lose weight with a healthy and careful diet during Ramadan.

Esteworld Hair Transplantation and Plastic Surgery Health Group Healthy Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuğbanur Şaşmaz said that it is possible to turn Ramadan into an opportunity to lose weight. Stating that fasting is also beneficial in terms of health, Şaşmaz said, “We are the ones who make the month of Ramadan make us gain weight. We are hungry, we say let’s eat a lot at iftar. We consume a lot of sweets, acidic drinks and calorie foods. Normally, we gain weight if we eat like that. ” Stating that the stomach also gets smaller due to fasting for long periods of time, Şaşmaz emphasized that with a more careful diet, one can go out of Ramadan with a smaller stomach

Ramadan cleanses the body with the detox effect

Stating that it is possible to make Ramadan healthy, Şaşmaz also made the following suggestions: “We should definitely break the fast with a date or a glass of water. Since olives are salty, they should not be preferred or unsalted olives should be consumed. Afterwards, take a break and drink soup. It may sound difficult, but it is necessary to take a 5-10 minute break and rest the stomach. Thus, the signal of satiety is sent to the brain and our stomach relaxes. It also causes stomach problems after filling the stomach all of a sudden.”

Şaşmaz, who warns fasting people to have a balanced diet containing both meat and vegetables, said, “We never recommend white pasta and white rice, but it can be eaten from time to time. Since sorbet desserts are high in calories. “It should not be consumed too much. After the iftar, it should be planned as two meals like a snack.” said

What to eat for suhoor

The main meal, fried meat and meat dishes consumed in sahur both make the stomach very upset. Stating that it will tire and not keep you full, Şaşmaz said, “You have to think of sahur as breakfast. Spicy and thirsty foods should not be consumed. If possible, we should eat less salty and satiating foods. 1-2 slices of bread can be consumed along with foods such as eggs and cheese. If you say you can’t have breakfast, you can drink soup or eat a mixture of oats, yogurt and fruit. You should not eat too much and sleep in sahur. You should consume foods in moderation and drink enough water.” he states.

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