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Lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks by cutting out these 5 products

Dyt. Serkan Sıtkı Şahin /

Nutritionists rarely agree, but our common opinion is; The less processed a food is, the better it is for us. Whole foods (those in their most natural form, such as fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables) retain all their nutrients and contain no sugar, sodium or additives for color or taste. This is the difference between potatoes and potato chips.

So it’s no surprise that a recent study found that ultra-processed foods are a huge factor in weight gain. But processing can mean anything from unmilled grains to making flour to those lousy bits used in industrial meat products.

Bad news? More than half of the calories in our average diet come from ultra-processed foods. And since these foods are often specially formulated to appeal to our taste buds, they are easy to overeat.

Studies show that people who eat ultra-processed foods consume 508 more calories than people who eat unprocessed foods. That’s a two-pound gain in just two weeks.

If you don’t want to get discouraged the next time you hit the scales, here are 5 foods that should be off your shopping list.

Packaged breads, muffins

Many trademarks use things like calcium propionate and sorbic acid to extend shelf life. These chemicals are not necessarily harmful, but they are not necessary. Can’t you live without bread? Look for bread with a short ingredient list that indicates less processing. Aim for a bread with more fiber (3g or more per slice) as it can aid weight loss due to its fiber content.

Breakfast cereal

The nutrition label of breakfast cereals may look impressive with all the added vitamins and minerals, but they are fortified, meaning they are added later. If you don’t eat whole grains, you won’t get all the potential benefits. Plus, most cereals contain tons of added sugar.

Pre-made burgers

Sorry, it may taste good, but it’s not very healthy. You can better control the fat and sodium content when you buy ground beef and make your own patties. And don’t be fooled by the ‘healthy’ labels, veggie and soy burgers can also fall into this category. Look for vegetables, grains or legumes first on the ingredient list, not soy protein isolate.

Instant soups

Sorry to burst your bubble, you love instant soups but all kinds of chemicals go into these flavor packs. And it’s hard to have a good idea of ​​exactly what you’re eating when the real ingredients are hidden behind the description of ‘natural flavors’ like a veil. The research surrounding instant soups is controversial, but there is plenty of evidence that some people are sensitive to it.

Flavored yogurts

Yogurt is supposed to be super healthy, but what about chocolate cake and lemon pie flavors? If it tastes like dessert, it’s no longer a yogurt, it’s a dessert. Companies add tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners to get those flavors, along with things like cornstarch as a thickener. The healthiest way to eat flavored yogurt; take a regular yogurt and add your own ingredients: fresh fruit, granola, honey.


Be aware that tons of diet mentality marketed on the internet is a bad idea. Unhealthy diets never work in the long run.

Your goal should always be a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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Dietitian Serkan Sıtkı Şahin

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