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Nutrition tips from Sema Özpekmezci during quarantine days

Sema Özpekmezci, who managed to overcome type 2 diabetes with the help of regular nutrition and sports, gave tips to prevent us from gaining weight during quarantine days. Here are healthy ways to change your eating habits…

– Quarantine days are passing anxiously and we can tend to food. How are we going to deal with it?

First of all, be sure to be full at main meals. Now is not the time to lose weight. Our bodies are fighting for survival. But not with pita; Fill it with vegetables and legumes. Second, for those we eat purely for pleasure, have healthy versions of them handy. There’s plenty of time anyway, turn the kitchen into a therapy space. Prepare healthy versions of the things you think will make you happy. Third, what we need to do is to include things that will make us happy, other than food. Food shouldn’t be the only thing that makes us happy, if it is then there is already a problem. Whether you plant flowers on the balcony or read your favorite book. We understand the value of these in this period.

– It’s important to remove sugar and gluten from our lives, but it sounds radical at first. The practical recipes in your book actually break this prejudice.

I’m not a fan of suddenly switching from black to white anyway. It also creates psychological pressure. I say add good things first, rather than let things go smack. For example, if you don’t eat fruit, start by eating fruit first. Eating a banana a day will perhaps satisfy your need for wafers that day. Eat a dried apricot. Increase the vegetable. As good things increase, harmful things begin to decrease, like scales. I say eat bread again, but eat it as a hobby. What does that mean? Don’t let it be what you’re fed up with. I don’t tolerate sweets because sugar is kind of addictive. That’s why I say go with alternatives to sugar. In my book, in my social media account, and now in Milliyet, I explain the options for this.

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