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2022 spring summer collection from world brands!

With the good weather approaching, world-famous brands started to introduce pieces from their spring summer collections. Different patterned designs will be good for fashion lovers after a long winter. Here are the pieces from the 2022 spring summer collections of world famous brands!

The clothes, which are displayed with different designs every season, have completed their preparations to revive the combinations. The new season models of world-famous brands took their places on the showcases and shelves. These designs, colors and patterns that come out of the imagination of stylists also inspire visual presentation. The spring-summer collection of 2022 is rewriting the ‘best’ list of recent periods with its models that add splendor to the aisles of the stores. The designs, which appeal to the ages of 7 to 70 and bring the scenes of the past to the present, were admired on the catwalks before they were showcased.

We have come to a spring and summer season where we can see the other 6 colors chosen for this year, as well as the Very Peri color produced by Pantone for 2022. Here are the pieces from the 2022 spring summer collections of world famous brands…


Floor-sweeping long skirts

This season seems to make the women wearing hijab happy the most. Long skirts, which have been frequently seen recently, have taken their place among the collections of world-famous brands. These long skirts, which are displayed in the windows of luxury stores, are at the top of this year’s trend list. Pleasant springs with long skirts that will enliven our combinations with various alternatives…


Corset season has opened

While the fashion sense has changed a little in the living standards shaped within the scope of the pandemic, we have become quite used to the comfort of loose clothes. Loose clothes, which are preferred both in the business environment and in the social life, have become one of the indispensable combinations with both their elegance and comfort. However, thanks to the ever-changing fashion, people can quickly give up their habits. When we find the modernized reflections of the past on our shoulders, we do not feel alienated. Now that living standards have started to return to normal, it is very possible to come across pieces that keep elegance in the foreground among clothing designs. Corsets, which are among these, are now appearing in the showcases to be worn on clothes.


Renaissance breeze

The pandemic since 2020 has made fashion travel back in time . We can feel the inspiration of a royal family in the designs created by world-famous clothing brands that form the main lines of the fashion world. Victorian blouses, huge frills, balloon sleeves and shoulders, dresses and skirts in the influence of this period dominate. Don’t be fooled by the new season; Fasten your seat belts, we’re traveling to the ancients.


Brilliant nights

No more distinction between day and night clothes. There are striking designs where we can find the sparkles of the night during the day. These designs stand out not only with sequins or crystals, but also with satin, patent leather or shimmering fabrics.


The innocent happiness of spring

Among the 2022 spring summer collections of world famous brands, There are also designs that offer the opportunity to remove the child. The colors used are enough to keep spring alive with innocent happiness. Retro printed colored sweatshirts, chirpy plaid lines, toy figures detailed to the most cheerful teams will be with us in the new season.


XL collars

Big collars that offer a different look are opening the doors of a new trend. Fancy, fluffy, XL collars are among the iconic details that local fashion designers have started to use in their collections as well as world-famous brands. The most striking feature of these collars is that they convey stories from the renaissance period with sailor shirts.


Returning from the city to the countryside

With the effect of the current pandemic, not only the life choices but also the clothes we wear on our shoulders turns from the city to the countryside. Flying dresses with white natural fabrics, embroidery, macrame and drapes are among the trends that we will embrace on hot days.

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