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2022 straw hat trend! What are the straw hat models?

As the sun showed its face, new designs of the fashion world on accessories began to be exhibited in stores. Straw hats, which are among the most preferred accessories especially in holiday regions, took their place in the 2022 trend lists. So what are the 2022 straw hat models?

Women who are fond of elegance also include complementary accessories in their preferences when choosing clothes. Designs and demands continue to change every year according to living standards. Fashion-conscious women, who pay attention to their appearance on every forehead they are in, are very selective not only on the clothes they will carry on their shoulders, but also on the accessories that will make a difference in their combinations. Just like dresses, accessories according to their usage areas determine their place in trend lists with their colors and styles. With the change of season, new lines reflected in the pen of fashion designers also touched straw hats that will mark this summer. Straw hats, which deserve to be among the number one complementary pieces of wardrobes almost every summer, become the crown jewel of cooling combinations as well as hiding the hair that is difficult to care for in the summer months. So, what are the straw hat models that will mark the 2022 summer season?


This season’s straw hats, like other accessories, do not look for the past. Models that can appeal to all segments from 7 to 70′ have rolled up their sleeves to make their mark on the summer of 2022. Generally, when straw hat is mentioned, sun, sand and sea come to mind. However, these prejudices need to be overcome now.

lcw straw hat models

With the development of fashion, her new works on accessories for women who take care to look stylish knows no boundaries. Straw bags can be used in daily combinations, and straw hats now challenge street styles. Straw hats, which are no longer uniformly designed, recreate accessory trends with various color and shape alternatives.

blue straw hat models

If you want these trendy pieces to touch your clothes, you can break all taboos and use them comfortably in your daily combinations.

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