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A harsh response to those who do not like Demet Akalın’s long and loose dress! ‘Now the dose is gone’

Demet Akalın, who is frequently on the agenda with her social media accounts, finally presented her pre-stage combination to her followers. Wearing a closed and long dress, Akalın responded harshly to the criticism.

Famous singer Demet Akalin recently performed at a venue in Istanbul. Having a musical and visual feast for her fans, Akalın preferred a black long dress design of a famous brand to appear stylish in front of her fans.

Demet Akalin dress

The long and loose dress of the famous singer, who shared her pre-stage combination on her social media account, was not liked by her fans. of a follower “Sister, you said dress, but it’s pretty loose”Akalın, who got angry with his comment, “Families come to my stage with their spouses.”replied.

Demet Akalin


Akalın, whose anger did not subside against the criticism of her stage outfit, ‘2. Page’ He made a statement about the subject by connecting to the program. Pointing out that openness is not elegance, Akalın said, “Some things are overdone. ‘Which of us should open more?’ “Last year was terrible! Even in America there is not that much freedom. There is no country more free than our country.”he said.

Description of clothes from Demet Akalın

This interpretation of Akalın has made a name for herself with her stage outfits recently. Gulsen, Aleyna FoxAnd Icon RightInterpreted as a reference to .

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