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The most feminine flower of the botanical world was the queen of the catwalk this season, with its crimson body made of wax and its sexy lines. The Loewe fashion show was like a show of amtoriums straight out of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. On the cleavage of the dress, on the tip of the shoe and on the handle of an unexpected bag… He made a revolution in art during the O’Keeffe’ era, painting flowers as if they were different from his own size by making them giant with the zoom technique of this period. This was a first in art and on canvas. Except for surrelia, flowers were not painted except for their size. Loewe did what O’Keefee did in the Spring-Summer 2023 fashion shows. Creative director Jonathen Anderson’s artistic mind has brought anthurium to wardrobes.

Influencer Rozalin Eraslan, one of the first to use this humorous approach, gave an exquisite finishing touch to her avant-garde look by tying a red flower around her neck in the form of a choker at Milan Fashion Week.

Nur Bilen Yavuzer, the founder of Beauty Omelette, has already added the giant anthurium and stiletto modeled by the leaf to her closet.

We look forward to the new combinations that both of them will make…

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