The bags, which appear with different models every season, are ready to be style stars with their assertive designs this year. The year 2022 is expected to be marked by bags with neon colors in particular. So what are the 2022 bag models? Here are the bag models that will mark this year…

Bag models, one of the indispensable accessories of women, which are among the complementary parts of the combinations, created new colors and styles for themselves this year. In the new style bags, we will see the very fairy color produced by Pantone for the year 2022, as well as the tones selected from the color scale. Among the models that will make their mark this year in bag designs, which are mostly dominated by neon colors and are indispensable parts of women, there are also straw ones. Straw bags produced this year make a name for themselves in street styles with the combination of leather and straw fabric. The invariable wing of the combinations, these complementary accessories extend or shorten; brings a small update to the 2022 bag trends with chain or bead details. On the one hand, smaller and smaller bags stare at the throne of oversized tote bags, while scarves, the epitome of elegance, wink from fashionistas from the showcases. This year, designs appealing to every style were caught in bags. We have compiled for you the prominent bag trends of the 2022 summer season, which you will add to the list of timeless both in trends and in your wardrobe. Here are the trend bags of 2022…


Chain details;

Chain details on bags

The chain details, which stand out especially in world-famous bag brands, appear a lot in the new season. This year’s bag models aim to be at the top of the list in accessory trends with chain details.

circular knitting bag;

circular knitting bag

The new season circular knitting and chain bags of Givenchy, one of the world-famous brands, are candidates to be the leading roles in every combination, especially with their gold color.

Explosion of neon colors;

explosion of neon colors

Versace’s new season neon bags are one of the most colorful and eye-catching pieces of this season. The chain models, which stand out with their orange, green and yellow colors, will further enliven your colorful summer combinations.

Iconic and natural look;

Iconic and natural look

One of the most suitable bags for this year’s spring and summer are the ones that prioritize the natural look. These bags, designed in an iconic structure, can often be seen among the collections of the world-famous brand Fendi. The bags exhibited in the showcases with their natural color tones are ready to adapt to any combination.

Large and spacious bags;

Large and spacious bags

Women do not reserve personal care products not only for private meetings or work environments, but also in their daily lives. In addition, let’s not forget the books that stylish and intellectual women can never give up. Oversized bags among the 2022 collections for women who care about them in shop windowstook its place.

Straw bags;

straw bags

Straw bags, which are more common with various models this season, remind us of the upcoming holiday season with the warming of the weather. Straw bags, which are among the trend lists lately, know how to match with daily combinations with their different styles.

mesh bags;

mesh bags

Compared to previous seasons, especially this year, knitted bags that reveal the high craftsmanship are frequently mentioned in the accessory category of fashion. It seems that these bag models, whose originality we see in every knitting, will leave their mark on the summer of 2022.

50’s 60’s;


The epitome of elegance, scarves or shawls that make you travel through time, offer a vintage breeze alongside bag models that remind you of the past. This style can give you the feeling of being a movie hero.

Flamboyant beads and chains

Showy beads and chains;

Bag models adorned with beads and chains, each of which are the leading roles, seem to explode among the crowds in street styles and special events in 2022.

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