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Balıkesir’s Yağcıbedir motifs are shaping the fashion of 2022!

At the 25th International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Fair (EMITT) held recently, Balıkesir’s Yağcıbedir culture and Yağcıbedir motifs were showcased in the fashion world with the fashion show of famous models. Actress İlker Ayrık, who saw the Yağcıbedir motifs introduced with the well-known faces of the catwalks Gizem Özdilli and Ece Gürsel, said, “It is proud to be a citizen of such beautiful people in handicrafts.”

The motifs of the Yagcibedir culture that have been processed for centuries in the Sindirgi district of Balikesir He appeared at the International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Fair . Although the fair opened in Balıkesir became the focus of attention of the visitors , the Sındırgı stand turned into a parade of stars. Among the guests, originally from Balıkesir, the actor İlker Ayrık examined the handcrafts made in Sındırgı for centuries.

Balıkesir fair

JOURNEY TO FASHION WITH OILCIBEDIR MOTIFS at Tourism Fair at the famous tourism fair Gizem Özdilli and Ece Gürsel 3,000-year-old motifs, Anatolian traditions and local beauties designed by modernizing their clothes were presented to the visitors. The designs that contain the Yagcibedir motifs that will shape the fashion were created by the efforts of nearly forty women. Sındırgı Mayor and Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Promotion Commission President Ekrem Yavaş talked about the values ​​of Anatolia while talking about the subject A carpet is a 3000-year-old carpet. We developed a project to use the patterns of a carpet whose geographical sign belongs to Sındırgı in the products we use today. So today, what we call European things are used in stage dresses, in many different fields. But in Anatolia, especially on the chests of our mothers, our daughters There are very special products in their chests. Here we have realized a project called ‘Journey from Yagcibedir to Fashion’ to bring those Yagcibedir patterns and local values ​​together on stage clothes today. With the support of the metropolitan, each of those patterns has been embroidered by 40 women for six months. Mustafa Şahin is our stylist friend. gives direction to them. r clothes do not last less than about 15 days. Today, we said that we did a mini fashion show at the Emitt tourism fair to see how the famous models Gizem Hanım and Ece Hanım will stand out. Right now, we have a really great atmosphere” he said.

Journey from boredom to fashion


Emitt 2022 two important exhibitions of the fair ‘Eli Belinde’ and ‘Evil Eye Beads’

with women’s power She appeared before the visitors with her work ‘From Yağcıbedir to Fashion’ . Introducing the design named ‘Eli Belinde’ at the fair, Ece Gürsel said, “All the effort and effort is on our women who do this. We just have to wear it. This outfit represents the power of women. They named it with their hands on their hips. As you can see my hand is on my waist. While using the expressions “I symbolize the power of women” , she also stated that the clothes are very comfortable.

Gizem Özdilli, who introduced another important design , the outfit named ‘Evil Eye Bead’ , expressed her happiness to be a part of the project. “My design is called evil eye bead. I am here today with a 3000-year-old pattern. The 3000-year-old pattern of Yagcibedir carpets came to life at this fair. The idea is really nice, the efforts are very nice. I am really grateful for myself. For their support to both tourism and culture. I am very happy that I am in such a beautiful project. Our fashion designer Mustafa is already in perfect hands. Who would think of preparing such a toilet from a carpet pattern, sewing evening dresses. Really successful. I like it very much” .

Journey from quarry to fashion


Expressing his thanks to Sındırgı Mayor Ekrem Yavaş and Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz for their support of this project , stylist Mustafa Şahin , who worked to bring the Yağcıbedir motifs to the fore, conveyed his feelings, “Actually, I don’t need to say much. Yagcibedir is a 3000 year old culture. We have a collection of 40 pieces, using the patterns of Yağcıbedir. Of course, each outfit is processed in about 2 months. Right now, her hand is on her waist and she is our evil eye bead. By the way, what you see in our evil eye bead outfit is a tablecloth. The evil eye bead was embroidered entirely by hand on this tablecloth. We enriched it with tulle. Actually, two outfits each. Evening dress inside. When you take off the caftan, it can also use the evening dress. When he wears his robe, he can go to the wedding” .

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