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Berdan Mardini, who had an affair with Sibel Can, turned the place into a war zone: It doesn’t work when I do it!

Famous folk singer Berdan Mardini, who became the center of attention with his different style, was subjected to harsh criticism for the patchwork style he shared on his social media account. Mardini was outraged when he saw that Sibel Can, who was wearing the same style of clothing, was being praised.

wife of 11 years Fatoş Yellilerwho went through a painful divorce with and changed her lifestyle from top to bottom during this time. Berdan Mardini, is frequently on the agenda, especially with the radical changes he has made in his wardrobe lately.

Berdan Mardini

The famous singer, who became the target of criticism due to this change, went crazy with anger when she saw the comments on Sibel Can’s new style. Mardini, who was disliked for wearing a patchwork patterned suit in the past weeks, became the talk of social media users.

Berdan Mardini patchwork style


He went on holiday to the Greek Islands a few days ago. Sibel Can He also wore an outfit similar to Mardini’s style. However, Can’s new style received praise from his fans. Mardini called out on her social media account to those who criticized her for her patchwork style but liked Sibel Can. “It doesn’t happen when I wear it, I change into different disguises for the sake of the agenda, but when Sibel wears it… That’s who you are.”he reproached.

Berdan Mardini and Sibel Can


Mardini, whose anger did not subside, continued his words as follows:

“First, read and research me, how many people did I employ, I established a factory in the middle of the village, ask the other artists what they did to their villages and hometowns? Do some research, man, leave these things alone, I will tell you a lot, wait until October is almost here.”

Berdan Mardini made a statement on his social media account


Mardini, who was subjected to harsh criticism from social media users for a long time with her poses wearing tights, is now interested in the effect of the Barbie trend. Those who saw Mardini, who recently appeared before his fans in a gingham suit, which is an indispensable part of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken’s style, were shocked.

Berdan Mardini new style

Mardini, who attracted attention with his blue gingham patterned suit consisting of shorts and shirt, shared his new look on his social media account and prepared for the stage in Bodrum. “This time I will go out with a tablecloth”he said.

Berdan Mardini style

Mardini, who could not give up on the Barbie trend, now came to the fore with her pink suit and pink sneakers.

Berdan Mardini Barbie combination

“I love it, I think it looks good” Thousands of comments poured in in a short time for Mardini, who shared the photos with his followers with his notes. To Mardini, who closed his post for comments after a while. ‘Barbie is crying at home’, ‘My eyes are bleeding’, ‘I’m having pink poisoning’There were comments like:

Berdan Mardini Ken

“Should I walk around in shalwar just because I’m oriental?!”

Mardini, who broke his silence against the criticism, reacted to those who did not like his love for Barbie. The famous name shared on his social media account, “When I wear an outfit, it immediately becomes a scene! So what, should I walk around in shalwar just because I’m from the East? If someone else wears it, they say, ‘Wow, it looks so good’, when I wear it, it’s like, ‘Look at the folk singer’. I will close comments on my photos from now on.”he reproached.

Berdan Mardini’s response to criticism

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