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Berdan Mardini’s love of tights is over, Ken’s love has begun! ‘Barbie would cry if she saw this’

The famous Turkish singer Berdan Mardini, who has become the center of attention with his different style, came to the agenda with his latest post from his social media account. Influenced by the Barbie movement, look how Mardini turned out to look like Ken…

wife of 11 years Fatos Yellilerwho went through a painful divorce process and changed his lifestyle from head to toe during this time. Berdan Mardinihas come to the fore frequently, especially with the radical change he has made in his wardrobe lately.

Berdan Mardini

Mardini, who has been subjected to harsh criticism from social media users for a long time with her poses in tights, is now curious about the effect of the Barbie trend. Those who saw this state of Mardini, who recently appeared in front of her fans with a gingham suit, which is an indispensable part of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken’s style, were shocked.

Berdan Mardini new style

Attracting attention with a blue gingham patterned suit consisting of shorts and a shirt, Mardini shared her new look on her social media account and for the stage in Bodrum. “This time I’m going out with a tablecloth”he said.

Berdan Mardini style

Mardini, who could not give up on the Barbie trend, now came to the fore with her pink suit and pink sneakers.

Berdan Mardini Barbie Combination

  “I love it, I think it suits you” Thousands of comments rained down on Mardini in a short time, who shared the frames with his followers. To Mardini, who closed her post for comments after a while ‘Barbie is crying at home’, ‘My eyes are bleeding’, ‘I have pink poisoning’comments came.

Berdan Mardini Ken

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