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Beware of habits that harm health in fashion!

The clothes and accessories that we enjoy while choosing in our daily lives can threaten our health. For this reason, before looking stylish, the fabrics, shapes and materials of the accessories worn are important. So what are the types of clothing that affect health? Here are all the details…

From the past to the present, the ever-evolving fashion, with its wide product and design range managed to become the focal point of our lives. When it comes to fashion, a stylish and aesthetic appearance usually comes to mind, but in recent years, some brands have started to make designs for human health by weaving elegance into comfortable pieces. However, the tight trousers we see in the window displays from time to time continue to attract great attention. This causes a great deal of ergonomic discomfort. In addition, some clothes that steal hearts with their design and color are bought regardless of their fabric. Preferences that are not suitable for the season on fabrics cause some skin disorders. We can also add imitation jewelry to this. So what are the types of clothing that affect human health?


  • to wear tight;

Tight pants

Even though some periods make us forget their existence, extremely tight trousers that do not come out of our lives can also cause varicose veins as they affect blood circulation. Tight trousers can have negative effects not only on women, but also on men.

  • artificial skins;

artificial skins

Leather clothes, which we see in store aisles or showcases every season, are among the products that should be given utmost importance in terms of structure. Artificial leather products can cause serious problems on the skin in long-term use. It can be said that such clothes produced using chemical substances are both poor quality and unhealthy.

We can say that the reason why they are preferred more than genuine leather products is that they include lower prices and an aesthetic detail in designs.

  • fake glasses;

fake glasses

Some glasses are on the market in the form of imitations obtained from mica and plastic production instead of using optical glass due to the cheap production cost. Although these glasses have a stylish appearance with their frame and glass, they threaten eye health. Since there is no UV protection on the windows, the contact of the sun’s rays with the eyes cannot be prevented. On the other hand, these rays can make them more harmful.

  • High heels and flat shoes;

One of the important elements of fashion is shoes. Shoes, which are usually worn for appearance, can cause orthopedic disorders as a result of wrong choices. Therefore, shoes with too high heels or flat soles may cause problems such as poor posture, waist and back pain in the future. For this reason, choosing shoes that are more comfortable and more comfortable than orthopedics should come before elegance.

  • fake jewelry;

fake charms

The preferences in jewelry, which are indispensable accessories of women, should be used in favor of their actual production so that they do not cause skin diseases. Otherwise, imitation jewelry can cause serious health problems, from skin rash to itching, from allergies to eczema.

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