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Biker jacket models that will mark the year 2023! Favorite part of the series…

Colorful biker jackets designed for the new season have now become popular outerwear for TV shows. It is expected that bikers with fur inside, produced in jacket form, will be the most preferred outerwear in 2023. So which biker models are there for 2023? Here are the biker models that will mark the year 2023!

With the arrival of December, we took the last steps of 2022. Stores preparing for the winter weeks in advance have also started to display the biker models in their collections for the new season on their shelves. Biker models in jacket form took their place in wardrobes with their new models this season, as every year. Bikers, which are usually fur trim from the inside to the collar, took an unusual style for the new season. This time, the designers included different colors in the fabrics of the products. “It’s so cold” Bikers, which will warm our hearts in the days we say, are now among the favorite pieces of the leading actors of the TV series. As Yasemin.com, we have included the most stylish biker models for you in this news. Here are the most trendy biker models this winter…


2023 Biker models

  • 1- STRADIVARIUS / 08855182-I2022: 999.95 TL
  • 2- STRADIVARIUS /08601258-I2022: 999,95 TL
  • 3- STRADIVARIUS /05764248-V2023: 1,099.00 TL
  • 4- BERSHKA / 3752/644/716: 1,299 TL
  • 5- BERSHKA /6697/665/400: 799.95 TL
  • 6- BERSHKA /6752/677/800: 1,399 TL

Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Mert Yazıcıoğlu, the lead actors of the Darmaduman series;

Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Mert Yazıcıoğlu, the leading actors of the Darmaduman series

Hafsanur Sancaktutan’s biker: Loft Jeans / 1.499.95 TL

Mert Yazıcıoğlu’s biker: Diesel / 7,987,00 TL


2023 Biker models

  • 1- ZARA / GRAY | 3548/243: 1,799.00 TL
  • 2- ZARA / BROWN | 4341/719: 1,399,00 TL
  • 3- ZARA / DARK BROWN | 4341/808: 1,399,00 TL
  • 4- PULL & BEAR / 8715358: 799.95 TL
  • 5- PULL & BEAR /8715321: 699.95 TL
  • 6- PULL & BEAR /8715337: 799.95 TL

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