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Burcu Esmersoy is dressed in navy blue! How to combine with navy blue!

Famous presenter Burcu Esmersoy has been on the agenda in social media with her recent style. The beautiful presenter, who prioritizes her elegance with her choice of clothing, did not go unnoticed by the fashion world, with the note “I wore it, I liked it.” She started to enjoy the taste of spring with her preferred navy blue. So how to make a combination with navy blue. Here are the details…

Famous presenter Burcu Esmersoy In addition to her role in the TV series ‘Children Don’t Hear’ in 2017 ‘My Beauties of the World’ ‘ was on the screen with the TV program. Esmersoy, who has not been involved in projects for a long time, continues to attract attention with her beauty despite being 45 years old. On the other hand, the famous server, who is legendary with his dressing style, is appreciated by his fans with his frequent posts on his social media account.

Burcu Esmersoy

It continues to make a name for itself with its harmony in dark blue combinations, which are among the colors that make its existence unforgettable every season. It has always loved to come together with the navy blue colors that have made it to the top of the trend lists in the past years. This color, which many celebrities can not drop off their shoulders, suits the famous presenter Burcu Esmersoy very well.

Burcu Esmersoyun’s style will be talked about a lot


The navy blue, which is ready to adapt to every skin color, manages to fit the season very well. This color, which famous names can not give up in summer and winter, brings the most precious pieces of wardrobes to street styles. In addition to meeting the colors of winter, it also captures harmonies that keep the enthusiasm of spring alive. Famous presenter Burcu Esmersoy shared with all fashion lovers the attitude of navy blue with white, which comes with various model alternatives.

Dark blue and white harmony;

The harmony of navy blue and white

The tone preferred by the famous presenter Burcu Esmersoy in her navy blue clothing is white. While skin harmony should not be overlooked, especially in the combination of this color and different tones, the purity of white violates this rule.

Navy blue and white combination suggestion

Allow similar tones;

Similar tones

In the past clothing choices, tone-on-tone styles were not preferred. The same tones, which are afraid of coming together in the aisles and windows of the stores, are now leading the list of trains.

Beige and navy blue meeting in the dress;

Beige and navy blue

that make a name for itself with every tone of beige that meets in the dress, leaves an eye-catching look as a navy blue pattern.

Navy blue and beige combination suggestion

Revive with accessories;

Revitalize with accessories

The dark blue, which comes to life with appropriate accessories, still manages to maintain its authority with its dark appearance.


It is a dark blue intermediate color that represents authority. Although it is known as the dark of blue, it also includes purple in one corner. On the other hand, navy blue, which likes to come together with many colors, has the feature of showing thin by using the advantage of being dark. For this reason, navy blue has taken an oath to show fashion-conscious women elegant, no matter which tone is preferred.

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