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Classic pieces to add to your wardrobe for spring! What are the classic pieces of spring?

With the arrival of warm weather, the winter items in the wardrobes have started to transfer their place to the spring clothes. In this article, we have discussed a few classic pieces that you should have in your wardrobe for spring to add strength to your style quality. What are the classic pieces of spring? Here are the classic pieces you should add to your wardrobe in spring…

Women who include models with modern lines and contemporary designs in their wardrobes, also have timeless clothes that they can easily wear at any time. With the arrival of May, the spring winds began to blow. In the fashion sector, which renews itself every season, the 2022 spring summer collections have taken their places on the showcases and shelves of the stores, while women who care about looking stylish took action to add new items to their wardrobes. In addition, fashion lovers, who do not want to let the comfort that we have been accustomed to for the last few years, prefer shabby, non-squeezing and non-sweating fabrics. While fine knitwear continues to be in a corner of our wardrobes as a precaution for the cold touches we still feel on our skin, we talked about a few pieces for your spring combinations in this news. We gave advice on classic designs to make the pieces that you will bring together in hot weather gain a luxurious look. Here are the classic pieces you should have in your wardrobe in spring…


  • Classic white shirt ;

Classic white shirt

The classic white shirt is the first item that should be in every woman’s wardrobe in spring. White shirts that fit with every outfit are the savior pieces, and they don’t keep you from looking stylish.

  • Jeans;

2. Jeans

Jeans, which can be produced in dark or different colors, with many different models from wide-leg to narrow-leg to ground, offer comfort and elegance together. Jeans, which you can easily combine with your heels or sports shoes, continue to be among the life-saving items for us women.

  • Indispensable classic trench coats;

Indispensable classic trench coats

One of the first items that comes to mind when spring is mentioned, the trench coat appeals to everyone with its different model options. Trench coats, which do not hesitate to match them with almost any outfit, appeal to every segment from 7 to 70. In addition to the classic models, you can add a stylish look to your combinations with these pieces, which are at the top of the trend lists of 2022 with their models.

  • Black dresses;

Black dresses

Black dresses, which are among the favorite clothes of almost every hijab woman, are among the indispensable parts of wardrobes. Black dresses that can be preferred in summer and winter have also entered the spring of 2022. These pieces, which can be worn at any invitation, special meeting or for the working environment, continue to be among the trends of the season.

  • Denim jackets;

Coming from the past to the present and keeping its fashion for every season, denim does not limit itself to trousers only. Denim jackets, which come up with various model alternatives, continue to be among the indispensable parts of wardrobes with their cotton fabrics. These pieces, which give a casual look to the clothes worn in all seasons, maintain their place in the wardrobes of women in the spring of 2022.

  • Shawls;


Multi-purpose shawls that you can use against changing weather conditions also offer a stylish look as an accessory. It is also possible to create a nice combination, especially as a thin jacket – shirt – shawl trio. You can evaluate the shawls offered with various patterns as small touches on your combinations.

  • Basic black and white t-shirts;

Basic black and white t-shirts

Basic t-shirts that we can never give up in daily life, especially jeans and suitable accessories for women who want to capture a different atmosphere A great choice for These pieces, which are generally in the wardrobe of almost every woman, never go out of fashion for any season. Plain black and white t-shirts are among the must-haves of your closet this year.

  • Blazers;

Blazer jackets

Recently popular blazer jackets adapt to every outfit with various color alternatives. Blazers, which are close friends of women in cold weather, also offered a variety of fabrics for women for the spring months. Blazer jackets, which give the combinations a classic or sporty look according to their style, are the crown of wardrobes this spring with their fabric choices!

  • Leather jackets;

Leather jackets

Leather jackets, which have never gone out of fashion for years and come up with different colors and designs in every period, will be popular in the spring of 2022 as well. pulls on it. You can choose these pieces, which have their names written on trendy high schools in gold letters, as jackets or tunics. Leather jackets will change your whole mood this spring and will be the best complement to your favorite t-shirt!

  • Sleeve bags;

It is an undeniable fact that bags, which are among the savior accessories for women who carry a minimum of items, even though most of our belongings can barely fit into large bags, and bring vitality to combinations according to their colors. . Adding elegance to combinations with a stylish dress or skirt or denim pants, handbags are happy to be in your wardrobes in the spring of this year.

  • Sneakers;

Sports shoes

Sports shoes, which are indispensable for spring and summer months, should be in every woman’s wardrobe! Sports shoes that fit under all kinds of trousers and skirts took their place in our list with different color preferences.

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