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Color game with blazer jackets! Blazer jacket models

Timeless and versatile blazer jackets rolled up their sleeves to leave their mark on this year with color alternatives. Bringing touches to the combinations with their different colors, blazer jackets can become the focus of women this year. So what kind of effect do colored blazer jackets create in combinations?

Stylists continue to surprise fashionistas every season. Fashion designers, who are working hard on the street styles that left their mark on 2021-2022, did not miss the blazer jackets. Blazers, which are among the trains of every year with their colors and cuts, started to walk from the catwalks to the wardrobes this year. Helping the development of the classic street style, blazer jackets have become indispensable for women with their color alternatives.


Savior piece for women with hijab

With oversize versions, it is a savior for women with oversize versions. jackets that give an appearance can accompany a sporty spirit.

gives a different look to the combinations with its accessories

Blazer jackets, which do not fall from the trend list of the fashion world with their colors, texture and loose or narrow cuts, are the products of some of the world’s famous brands. It has already taken its place in the summer collections.

maintains its place in the showcases with its long cut alternatives

With its long cut models, blazers that also shape the hijab fashion, range from orange to blue, with the most eye-catching yet modest tones of the color palette. It comes to bring the combinations to life.

these fabrics make our job easier with fabric choices

So while you wait for the warm weather to arrive, don’t forget to make room in your wardrobes for your street style.

offers different alternatives to women in hijab

blazer jackets continue to dazzle

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