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Combination suggestions for friends! How to make combinations for friend environments?

Good news for those who are looking for stylish and comfortable outfits for friend meetings during holidays! You can create a stylish look with pieces suitable for the trends of the season. In this article, we have suggestions for combinations for friends to meet on holidays that may attract the attention of young people.

After 1 month of fasting, the month of Ramadan left its place to Eid al-Fitr. After the holidays and visits to relatives, the excitement of getting together with close friends has already begun to be experienced. Tea hours, one of the most enjoyable moments, are perfect for working women to relieve the tiredness of the whole week. In this way, the holidays can be a great opportunity for you to get together with your close friends. While this is the case, women who are particularly fond of their clothes started to look for the clothes they would prefer in their friend environment days in advance. It has become a tradition to wear clean new clothes on holidays. For women who always prefer to dress stylishly, various collections in the fashion world allow you to create special combinations for your close friends. In these days when the weather warms up, we also celebrate with spring, the tones of blue, which are the symbol of coolness, especially when they meet with long skirts, which are indispensable for women in hijab, attract great attention in such environments.


Maxi-length tunics with side slits

Comfort and elegance as well as sincerity In order to be in the foreground, it is necessary to achieve a high level of comfort in a friendly environment where the conversation is deep. Tunics, which are indispensable for women wearing hijab and succeeding to be at the top of the trains every season, are making a name for themselves with their maxi-length models this year. The tunics, which manage to pair well with loose trousers thanks to their side slit models, do not forget to reflect a natural look.


modest stance with long skirts

With the arrival of the hot weather that we’ve been looking forward to, close friends have already started making dates for tea gardens or sitting at home. Especially after the month of Ramadan, embracing us and mixing with your friends in the street styles at the festive gatherings, skirts in blue tones, which will reminiscent of spring and add joy to the day, have almost started to look forward to wandering around with their patterns or plain textures. You can revive the combination with a white or ecru shirt, and bring comfort with sneakers. You can also enjoy the feast with the harmony of the accessories you prefer.


Add sport to your elegance

The pieces that we come across a lot lately, which you can use as both a cap and a tunic, are stylish and sporty as well as modest. It also leaves a reflection. You can enjoy a cup of tea with your friends by the beach by creating an effortless combination with white shirts that you may prefer. Espadrille shoes that will not disturb your comfort with the combination of these stylish pieces that will reflect you will also contribute to your elegance.


Renew your style with hooded parkas

You may want to spend this holiday not only for tea conversations, but while hiking with your close friend in a forest. You can combine a parka in green tones, where you can feel the forest air, which contains the colors of nature, on your shoulders, with a plaid shirt and jogger black trousers. In this event, you can take a sip of your tea with the comfort you can’t get rid of between the conversation you will give with your friend.

Well, did you like the pieces we put together for you?

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