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Combination suggestions for university students!

Pieces that have been waiting impatiently to capture the coolest styles on campus are starting to shake wardrobes. We have brought together campus styles to make college students look comfortable and modest.

With the start of the spring semester in universities, we combined the right pieces with appropriate colors to make the youth’s daily combinations. The pieces, which embody the spring trends and at the same time prioritize the street styles, do not compromise on the cool and hardworking stance, and will make you talk a lot in the campus gardens. While K was carrying on your shoulders the models designed with cotton fabrics preferred every season without distracting from the comfort, listening to the others never looked so cool. At the same time, it is impossible not to catch an iconic style with the combinations that will be created with clothing choices that add character.


denim air on campus

Long or You can add comfort to your style on campus with oversize denim jacket models. Denim clothes, which are stylish with almost every outfit, also manage to adapt to the university environment. With its perception preserved from the past to the present, sports may want to be in a nook corner of some classic styles as well as casual combinations.

This must be the biggest feature of d’inim design clothes , which does not hesitate to carry even the colors that seem absurd… You can combine a black long or oversize denim jacket with a hooded sweatshirt in green tones and choose it with loose trousers. . You can also revive the combination with a bag and glasses suitable for the sporty look.


Team spirit on campus

Enjoy the outfits that fashion-loving young girls must have in their wardrobes. You can also use it in your campus life. These pieces, which do not worry about what to wear when creating your combinations, can add privilege to you with a shawl that you will use with monochrome or tonal preferences or with a contrasting color. In addition, to achieve an assertive look, you can do your best to enliven your team with short-heeled boots or sneakers that are the symbol of comfort.


pleated skirts meet colorful cardigans

Just like last season, it left its mark on this year as well. Do not hesitate to wear the pleated skirts that are expected to hit you in your campus life. Pleated skirts that fit everywhere continue to seduce minds with their models, colors and fabrics. You can combine a black pleated skirt with a black shirt close to the fabric, completing the preparations to appear on campus in the spring semester of universities, and you can pull on a beige cardigan that will make you explode. With the shawl you will choose in the fabric suitable for your pleat and shirt, and the accessories you will use, you can get away from the tempo of the classes and enjoy coffee with your friends in the campus gardens.

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