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Combination suggestions you can get inspired by Influencer Feyza Hakyemez!

Influencer Feyza Hakyemez, who came to mind with her combination recommendations on hijab fashion, started to offer her outfit suggestions for spring from her social media account. These suggestions of Feyza Hakyemez will inspire women’s combination preferences. Here are Feyza Hakyemez’s suggestions for hijab fashion…

The fashion world continues to add new colors and patterns to its collection, which evolves every season. There is no limit to the imagination of designers, especially in fashion, which has a wide range of women’s clothing. In the last two years, comfort was at the forefront in clothing preferences in line with the restrictions taken with the pandemic. However, fashion designers got their hands on it, too. Designs shaped according to living standards now leave elegance as well as comfort. Visual professionals are inspired by this change in fashion, even when dressing mannequins in store windows. This sector, which offers various alternatives especially to women, keeps up with every preference. The pieces covering the hijab fashion, which has been developing rapidly and continuing to develop recently, have started to see the top of the trend lists. Thanks to Influencers on social media, women in hijab can write their names in fashion history with the recommended combinations.


Influencer Feyza Hakyemez, who made a name for herself with her combination suggestions on hijab fashion, inspires women in hijab by collaborating with different brands. Providing advice with the designs of each season, Hakyemez also introduces colors and designs that will add joy to spring. Here are Influencer Feyza Hakyemez’s combination suggestions for spring and summer…

  • Colorful blazer suits;

Feyza Hakyemez

OZSARICAM / Pink Jacket: 529.00 TL

OZSARICAM / Pink Trousers: 279.00 TL

The blazer jacket and trousers duo, one of the indispensable parts of wardrobes, appear more this season than in previous years. Blazer suits produced in different cuts and colors play a savior role for women who are lazy to combine. Influencer Feyza Hakyemez also chose the pink one of these coins, which is widely used in hijab fashion, and brought it out of a monochrome style with a dark beige shawl and bag. Hakyemez recommends this simple color combination with a white sneaker symbolizing comfort.

  • Monogram pattern shawl;

Silky Jacquard Monogram Pattern Shawl

MADAME POLO / Silky Jacquard Monogram Pattern Shawl: 89.00 TL

Bringing a sporty style to classic looking jackets, shawls are one of the indispensable parts of women. Shawls, which are more preferred than headscarves, attract women, as they are comfortable and practical, as well as being easy. With this combination, Hakyemez brought the classic interpretation of the jacket to different dimensions.

Piping Scuba Trousers

TOUCHE / Piping Scuba Trousers: 299.00 TL

Welcoming the warm weather with colors Influencer Hakyemez is once again inspired by the loose-fitting beige trousers she prefers under her red sports jacket. Hakyemez combined the red, known for its assertiveness, with beige and brown tones, giving it a modest appearance.

See-through Dress Ivory

ATOLYEHUB / See-through Dress Ivory: 529.00 TL

Eleta Evening Dress Blouse Skirt Set Copper

KADRİYE BAŞTÜRK / Eleta Evening Dress Blouse Skirt Set Copper: 809.00 TL

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