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Rentony, the new generation wardrobe that reshapes the fashion world with the motto “Don’t buy, RENT!”, has added trendy and interesting pieces in the new season, including outerwear, bottom wear, dresses, evening dresses, accessories and many more, to its website, and presented it to fashion lovers.

Yasemin Eke, Co-Founder of Rentony, Style Consultant, says that the trend colors of this fall will be pink and brown, while denim jackets, trench coats, kimono and knitwear dresses will be among the indispensables of the season.

Yasemin Eke stated that pink tones have started to be the center of attention again in the autumn and winter seasons and that brown tones will be among the trend colors of autumn this year as well.

Stating that the rentals of denim jackets, trench coats, kimono and knitwear dresses have increased considerably in outerwear, Eke said, “Patterned, multi-colored, long-sleeved, tied, midi models in kimono models attract a lot of attention. While the prices in all categories of outerwear vary between 175-1,100 TL, the rental fees for knitwear, which is one of the savior pieces of autumn, vary between 250-750 TL depending on the brand and model.” said.

Adding that the return to the office has accelerated while leaving the summer season behind, Eke said, “Now we are returning to the offices. Cool and stylish pleated trousers, overalls, oversized blazers and comfortable shirts are among the indispensable parts of office wardrobes. Whatever the pieces chosen, the accessories that will complement them are available, summer or winter.”

Rental fees for trousers vary between 225-950 TL depending on brands, overalls range from 250-1150 TL, shirts between 150-900 TL, and blazer jackets between 325-950 TL. Accessories rentals are between 100-500.

At Rentony, the seasonal needs of your wardrobe can be rented by choosing from the pieces selected by style consultants and curetted, in this way, both sustainable fashion is supported and a modern and new look can be obtained quickly.

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