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Fine People Community. Entrepreneur Bahar Akbulut’s famous astrophysicist Hubert Reeves said, “We are in a constant war with nature. Fine People Community, inspired by the words “If we win, we will lose in the end”, offers vegan and recyclable pieces to consumers. Only organic certified, 100% pure linen fabrics are used in the brand’s products. No chemicals are used in the production phase. Inspired by the state of being “well-being” in every sense; Sensitive to nature, people and all living things, Fine People Community aims to create a global awareness with every impact it creates.

Sustainability Policy

Aiming to be a pioneer in sustainable fashion understanding and supporting conscious consumption, Fine People Community pays great attention to nature, raw materials, suppliers and employees during the production phase. In today’s world where everything is consumed rapidly, it carefully supports slow consumption. The brand, which creates timeless pieces in each of its collections, also has an exemplary application: If there is a problem with the product, other than the use in accordance with the instructions for use, you can renew the piece you bought within the same season.

Support for Stray Animals

During the establishment phase of Fine People Community, there is a social responsibility project that will ensure that each product purchased is doing another good. Every product purchased makes you a part of the Fine People Community and a helping hand is extended to underprivileged children or stray animals on your behalf. The brand also sends an “ecological flea collar” for street animals with each product. This collar, which is made entirely of natural aromas, protects our little friends on the street from parasites that cause diseases.

Setting off with the motto of “Just to be good”, Fine People Community is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming a global brand, and invites everyone to be a part of the circle of goodness it creates and to make conscious consumption.

Fine People Community products, which attracted great attention in the summer season, will continue to be on sale at Beymen stores, beymen.com, Maçakızı Bodrum and Mandarin Oriental Bodrum throughout the season.

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