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How to choose the right boots and boots? 2023 boots and boots models

Choosing boots to match the clothes you wear can take your style a step further. So, how to choose the right boots and boots suitable for the combination? Which boot models are among the season trends? Let’s take a look at the 2023 boot and boot models that we have compiled for you…

Women who follow fashion closely should choose complementary accessories in combination in order to have a completely pleasant style. For this reason, shoes that leave a striking combined touch are among the most important in the accessory category. Appropriate boots or boots can keep fashion lovers at the forefront of street styles, so that the preferred clothes maintain their elegance. For this reason, an assertive choice can be made to give spirit to a plain dress or trouser-jacket set. Among the shoe models that progress in parallel with the clothing designs every season, cowboy boots suitable for the period, thick-soled boots, rain boots and rough models that look like they are ready to go hiking at any moment took their place in the trend lists of 2023. So how to choose the right grizzly and boots? Here are the 2023 boots and boots models…


  • Assertive and tall boots;

long boots models

SELİN SHOES / Sandia-BEIGE: 749.99 ₺


Long boots, which have made a name for themselves in the past years, have become one of the trends again. These models, which we have started to see on the catwalks of world-famous brands, can be easily preferred in combinations with trousers or ankle-length skirts and blouses. It can also be worn with knitwear suitable for the season.

  • rain boots;

Rain boot models

DERIMOD / Trendyol 21WFE1455PV: 439.99 ₺

CCWAY / Trendyol Z34003490002: 498.75 ₺

Re-emerging rain boots are a candidate to challenge street styles. Rain boots or boots made of rubber or plastic are more popular than ever this season. Rain boots added to the collections of many fashion giants; It can be worn with skirts, trousers or dresses.

  • For trekking;

boots for hiking



The season of sports boots, which are usually worn in extreme sports or snow, has opened. These models, which will add style to your style, can be preferred with knitwear dresses or denim pants that never go out of fashion.

  • socks boots;

sock boots models

ELLE / USILE-01: 1,039.92 ₺

ELLE / JALOBA-1-12: 799.92 ₺

Sock boots, which are the indispensable boots and boots models of the 2000s, have been reborn with their new models. Sock boots, which are in the front row at 2023 fashion shows, can be preferred with denim trousers or long straight-cut skirts.

  • cowboy boots;

cowboy boot models

ECEN BOUTIQUE / Belissima Black Suede Boots: 829,90 ₺

SELİN SHOES / Zeta-WHITE: 799.99 ₺

Cowboy boots, which we cannot see every season, took their place in the showcases for 2023. These models, which instantly adapt to every look and reveal a different style, shook the trends again.

You can have an assertive look when you prefer cowboy boots, especially with a black dress.

  • Lace-up boots;

lace-up boots

FASHION MILL / Trendyol Md1011-116-0001 MD1011-116-0001: 273.59 ₺

MARGIN / Trendyol 19K0022CU210: 397,99 ₺

The punk chic that we don’t see in the fashion arena has resurfaced these recent times, when college style is at its peak. The long and laced models, as well as the ones with thick soles and stylized with metal assertive accessories, made their mark on the popular list for 2023.

The best part of these models, which we can find everywhere, is that they can be easily combined with everything.

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