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How to combine velvet? How to make a velvet combination?

Velvet pieces, which have lived their golden age in recent years, continue to take the fashion world by storm. You can create wonderful combinations with velvets that add splendor to every piece imaginable, from trousers to skirts, from dresses to jackets. So how is velvet combined? How to make a velvet combination? Here are the details…

Reflecting the warm texture of the winter season, velvets are one of the indispensable parts of our wardrobes, especially in February. Standing out with its luxury and sophistication as well as its comfort, velvet catches a great harmony with many styles such as sports, classic, casual, bohemian and retro styles as it has versatile usage possibilities. You can have a completely different look every day with velvet pieces that become the key to being effortlessly stylish. Let’s take a look at the velvet pieces that mark the 2023 winter trends together.


Suits, which form the key point of women’s style, have attracted great attention especially in recent years. We see that satin fabric dominates in suits that help to show a classy look both in the business world and at a stylish invitation. However, velvets, which warm the heart with their soft texture in the winter months, add a different atmosphere by removing the suits from a casual look.

velvet suit

If you want to create a casual elegance, you can combine velvet suits with a basic T-shirt and sneakers. To look more classic, you can add nobility to your velvet suits with shirts and high-heeled boots.

Velvet suit combinations

If you want to use velvets as a single piece rather than as a set, you can enrich your style with high waisted corduroy trousers. You can create an exquisite look by combining slightly loose-fitting corduroy trousers with a chiffon shirt, turtleneck knit sweater or bustier.

Velvet trousers, which promise to be stylish at any time of the day with sneakers or thin heel boots, are among the must-have items in every woman’s closet.

If you want to use the most elegant form of velvet in your style, you can take advantage of the claims of burgundy, burnt yellow, dark green and indigo blue tones.

velvet dress

You can create a look suitable for the winter season with pencil-shaped midi dresses or maxi-length dresses that completely emphasize velvet.

Velvet dress pattern

You can also make room for velvet texture in your skirts to create a feminine style with velvet. Velvet skirts that you can combine with a turtleneck sweater and stylish boots can help you create a savior combination in your daily life.

velvet skirt

If you are in favor of using velvet in details, you can make room for this texture in accessories. Velvet bags, gloves and belts will be a great choice at this point.

velvet bag

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