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Kim Kardashian bought the famous jewelery that only Princess Diana wore!

The “Cross of Attallah”, one of Princess Diana’s iconic jewels, was recently put up for sale at an auction called “Royal & Noble”. The name that bought this special necklace, which actually belongs to the British business person of Palestinian origin, Naim Atallah, and which no one except Diana wore, surprised everyone.

He died in a traffic accident in Paris in 1997. Princess DianaAlthough years have passed after her death, she is remembered as the ‘Princess of Hearts’. King III. CharlesDiana, who suffered great pain in her short life with her unhappy marriage with him and her loneliness in the crowd, managed to win everyone’s love and respect.

Princess Diana

A special piece for Princess Diana fans was exhibited at the auction held by Sotheby’s, the world’s largest auction house, the previous day. Last seen in 1987 and “The Cross of Attallah”Also known as Princess Diana jewellery.

Attallah Cross

British businessperson of Palestinian descent Naim AttallahBought by a close friend in 1980 and later Princess DianaNo one other than Diana wore this necklace, which we are accustomed to seeing around the neck of .

Princess Diana and the Cross of Attallah

Auction “Thought to be a one-off special order for a regular client of renowned jewelery designer Garrard, the cruciform pendant is a bold and colorful piece accentuated by square-cut amethysts and circular-cut diamonds.” The name that bought the necklace, which was introduced in the form of a necklace, was announced. This special necklace weighing exactly 5.25 carats, Kim Kardashian It was purchased by representatives of . Where Kardashian will wear this necklace has become a matter of curiosity.

Kim Kardashian

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