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Levi’s 501 is one of the most enduring fashion products known to the whole world… A simple work trousers has become not only an essential part of style over the years, but also a symbol of self-expression. The 501 has been a unique piece that each generation has embraced in its own way, and it has been so for 150 years. To celebrate this landmark birthday, Levi’s is relaunching the 1954 501 for men and the 1981 501 for women, with a refreshed selection for both the 501 Original and 501 ’93.

The leading 501 model for men this season is Levi’s 501 ’54 jeans. Inspired by the harmony of the Original 1954 501 in Levi’s archives, the new ’54 features include a higher waist compared to the 501 Original and 501 ’93, as well as a slightly tapered leg form. It offers a perfect alternative to 501 flat-leg jeans to be worn with boots or to be combined with sneakers.

The 501 ’81, the new 501 model for women this season, builds on the foundations of the first 501 for women launched in 1981. The 501 ’81, designed close to the mom jean form, stands out with its high waist and slightly narrowed legs. It is adapted to the perfect patterns of the 80s fashion, which is compatible with the spirit of the period.

In addition to the new 501 ’54 and ’81 models, the 501 series is inspired by jeans in Levi’s archives. Each of these are natural-looking, worn-out versions on edge denim inspired by three archival Levi’s 501 pants (1890 “Calico” 501, 1978 “Ricky” 501 and a 1983 501). In addition, 501 ’54, 501 ’93 and 501 Original jeans feature vintage-inspired designs and patchwork product variants. Each of the models is inspired by the fact that vintage 501 jeans are modified and repaired by their owners, adding both experience and uniqueness. The new Levi’s 501 jeans offer a combination of second-hand and do-it-yourself concepts.

Extremely popular for both men and women, 501 shorts are also diversified with inspiration from vintage and handcraft. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the iconic 501, the jeans in the archives will be presented with complementary details, including detail designs specially prepared for the 150th anniversary. These include the 150th anniversary patch, Levi’s on the front, a special Red Tab label with the number “150” on the back, an anniversary label with a woven interior on the inside, a stamp on the back of the inside pocket, and a stamp that says “1873-2023” on the inside of the buttons is located.

“Levi’s 501 is the first model that comes to mind when modern blue jeans are mentioned. Originally produced as an innovative work trousers, it has become an icon throughout its 150-year history with only minor changes. For example, the 1981 Women’s 501 and then 2015’s 501 Taper models are being redesigned as customers frequently perform hems at Levi’s Tailor Shops. While today’s fashion features gorgeous 501 models from various eras, such as the 501 ’93 and the new 501 ’54, the Original is always faithful.”-Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer of Levi Strauss & Co.

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