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The Istanbul-based luxury streetwear brand collaborated with the global brand for its new capsule collection inspired by Mastercard’s iconic logo and distinctive vibrant colors. Les Benjamins founder and creative director, Bünyamin Aydın, was inspired by the Mastercard logo and the brand’s 25 years of priceless rhetoric for the new collection ‘Priceless’, which consists of T-shirts, shorts, jackets, trousers and accessories.

Inspired by the confidence and simplicity Mastercard provides to its users, the Priceless (invaluable) collection is based on maximum convenience and comfort. The collection represents the two brand values ​​of passion and optimism, with the red and orange colors in the logo design of Mastercard, which defines itself as a human-centered technology company.

Among the highlights of the new collection are the shirt and shorts set in black and white with Mastercard logo folds and comfortable form, as well as the stylish and comfortable black hooded sweatshirt design designed using French terry fabric with its striking back inspired by Mastercard’s impressive logo compared to the plain part. star-patterned sleeves and a bomber jacket with Mastercard’s slogan, which carries the brand’s reference to the feelings of love and gratitude for Istanbul. The collection created within the scope of this exciting collaboration also includes accessories such as a black baseball cap, white and black Mastercard branded socks and a card holder with the brand’s name. The designs in the collection reflect a different and fun interpretation of the traditional Mastercard logo; The Les Benjamins logo replaces the iconic financial moniker and highlights of the collection include the “Priceless possibilities in the city that never sleeps” logo. In the prepared collection, 100% cotton, French terry blend and Les Benjamins’ signature jacquard fabrics are used.

Les Benjamins founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın and Mastercard Eastern Europe Vice President of Communication and Marketing Yasemin Develioğlu attended the promotional event. Develioğlu said, “We are happy to have introduced this capsule collection, which we believe represents Istanbul and its cultural richness, both in the 25th anniversary of the Priceless Platform and in the excitement of hosting the final match that will take place in Istanbul. All of our collaborations reflect the spirit of our brand, our imagination and the common values ​​we share.”

Stating that he has been involved in football and different sports since his childhood, Aydın said, “We enjoyed this cooperation with Mastercard. We have no doubt that this new collection, in which we blend Les Benjamins’ local stories, deep-rooted cultural influences, and luxury street fashion identity with the brand’s logo and colors, will be appreciated.”

Les Benjamins x Mastercard collection is offered for sale at Istanbul Nisantasi, Akasya AVM, Bagdat Street, Izmir Les Benjamins Alsancak flagship stores and www.lesbenjamins.com.

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