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Minister Özer visited Meb’s first fashion academy! Chatted with master trainers

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer visited the first fashion academy, which was opened within the Sabancı Institute of Maturation in Istanbul, with the vision of keeping the tradition alive in fashion design and educating world-class fashion designers and tailors.


Minister Ozer, on a visit Institute of Maturation Fashion Academy He received information from the authorities about the activities of . Making a statement after the visit, Minister Özer pointed out that the maturation institutes have made very important contributions in bringing the tradition to the present in Turkey for years. “Especially in the field of weaving, our maturation institutes have always served as a guide in the production of daily life materials, and therefore they have made very important contributions in the context of raising our local tailors, fashion designers and designers since the founding days of the republic. At the same time, it hosts new works on combining that production with the new and putting it into use again, carrying those traditional motifs in daily life.”said.

Minister Özer Mebin visited the first fashion academy


In this process President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s wife Emine ErdoganPointing to the great support of Emine Erdoğan, Özer thanked her by stating that she had very important support in the modernization of maturation institutes and in providing the function of combining tradition and the past with the future.

Sabancı Maturation Institute Fashion Academyof Ministry of Educationof first fashion academyPointing out that there is a problem, Minister Özer said:

“Our friends have made a very important breakthrough by protecting a very important structure in a short time. Our aim here is to train fashion designers of Turkey who will operate in the international arena. So our ultimate goal here is not only an education unit that functions as a local fashion academy, but also Realizing an international fashion academy with very strong connections and integration with fashion agencies and all units working in this field. It really has the capacity to do this. Our employees here, everyone who contributed to the process, provided a very serious concentration in this sense. I would like to thank our esteemed Istanbul National Education Director and his team, who have put a lot of effort into making it a state of the art. Of course, I would like to thank my wife as well, she also contributed a lot in this process. I would like to thank all my friends who worked and contributed here. Our academy is very important for Turkey’s fashion I fully believe that it will be a center that will contribute to an opening. As the Ministry, we will provide all kinds of support in this direction.”

Mahmut Özer, Minister of National Education


Sabancı Maturation Institute Director Nazan Suna Alpural On the other hand, he stated that the fashion academy is the first fashion academy established by the state to develop young, innovative, famous fashion designers who can handle fashion on an international scale, closely follow the industry and can carry it to the international dimension. Alpural said:

“When the examples in Turkey and in the world are examined, I can say that this academy is the first fashion school that can discover young talents under the leadership of the Ministry of National Education. We will provide trainings here today, by the help of the state, to creative people who are waiting to be discovered, who cannot go to the world’s leading fashion schools, and who cannot afford to go. It will be completely free of charge. I can say that we are the best fashion academy that can train the pioneers of the field of fashion design and deal with it on an international scale.”

first fashion school

1894Built and restored in 2020In the historical building, which was completed and given to the institution in computerized pattern classes, sewing practice classes, revolving fund production workshop, promotion and marketing office, grant museum, boutique chocolate manufacturing workshop exists. During the visit, Minister Özer’s wife Nebahat Ozer, Deputy Minister Sadri Sensoy, General Manager of Lifelong Learning Huseyin Burak Fettahoglu, General Manager of Vocational and Technical Education Nazan Senerand Istanbul National Education Director Levent Printeralso accompanied.

Sabancı Maturation Institute

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