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November 24 Teachers’ Day combination suggestions 2022!

The best day of our teachers who have raised generations has come, November 24, Teachers’ Day. Our teachers, who have become the idols of students in every aspect, first attract attention with their appearance. We also made combination suggestions for our valuable teachers who always guide the next generations. Here are the combination suggestions for November 24, Teachers’ Day…

The best day chosen for our teachers, who left deep traces in the lives of many of us, came on November 24, Teachers’ Day. Valuable teachers, who act as a compass after the family, both in life and in choosing a profession, are of great value. Teachers, who take teaching, one of the sacred professions, as their duty throughout their lives and struggle to raise good generations, draw attention not only with their knowledge but also with their stance. While conveying what he knows to his students, he also gives confidence with his outward appearance. For this reason, teachers who are always committed to learning for us and our children like to start their work in clean, new or fresh-looking clothes. We, as the Yasemin.com team, have suggested stylish combinations as a gesture to our precious teachers.

Every teacher deserves elegance.

24 November Teachers’ Day combination suggestions 2022


We have brought together the trendy pieces this season for you, our esteemed teachers, who go across their wardrobes every morning to look stylish for their students. With this stylish black and white combination, you can make your students love mathematics or discover your talent for painting with a single accessory of your choice.

teacher outfit

1- BERSHKA / 6969/085/800: 1,299 TL

2- BERSHKA /0135/168/800: 429.95 TL

3- ZARA / WHITE | 2179/049: 449.95 TL

4- BERSHKA /8744/168/800: 599.95 TL

5- BERSHKA /9453/702/800: 189.95 TL

6- ZARA / BLACK | 6751/010: 1,899.00 TL

7- ZARA / BLACK | 3103/010: 749.95 TL

This brown and beige jacket-trousers combination, which almost gives the image of a classroom teacher or a literature teacher, catches the latest trends with its leather. A very useful waist bag can also be the touch that makes this combination popular.

class teacher combination

1- LC WAIKIKI / W2HE69Z8 – T5C – Dark Brown: 799.99 TL

2- LC WAIKIKI /W2AU44Z8 – R9J – Ecru: 229.99 TL

3- LC WAIKIKI /W2HL18Z8 – QMP – Brown: 499.99 TL

4- LC WAIKIKI /W2JM55Z8 – 10K – Mink Brown: 269.99 TL

5- LC WAIKIKI /W2AA49Z8 – KNF – Beige: 399.99 TL

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