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Outerwear models that will mark the year 2022!

Outerwear, which stands out in the fashion world with its designs that are talked about every year, found its place in the showcases in 2022 to appeal to everyone. Yasemin.com correspondent Müge Çakmak has visited for you for outerwear, which is on the trend list of this year, where soft colors are generally preferred. Here are the outerwear trends of 2022…

While experiencing the last moments of the winter months preparing to leave its place to spring, the outerwear pieces designed for 2022 left their mark in street fashion with an elegance that will not look like fashion shows. He rolled up his sleeves to hit it. Outerwear pieces that will appeal to all segments are presented with various alternatives for women with hijab this year, with the new perspective of stylists. Before taking the first steps towards spring, this year’s trendy outerwear pieces in the winter season , from the Yasemin.com team, the reporter Müge Çakmak researched.


  • Trench coats;

Trench coats

Street fashion, which travels from the past to the present, reminds of nostalgia and brings together timeless pieces in wardrobes, while bringing together timeless pieces in wardrobes. The trench coats, which left their mark, sound like a bomb this year as well. These pieces, which have become indispensable for world-famous names, inspire combinations.

  • Oversized coats;

Oversized coats

Oversized coats, which have survived from the past to the present and left their mark on the 80s, are smiling from the windows this year as well. Prepared to become a key style, these pieces continue the sophistication of the past and leave a buzz for new models. It is inevitable that these long coats will not only make cold days warm, but also provide a striking appearance…

  • Ponchos;


Ponchos, reminiscent of the bohemian world, are one of the parts of the fashion world that keep the old ages alive. The ponchos, which appear every year with new motifs and cuts with stylish touches, seem to have their eye on the throne of blazer jackets.

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