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Parisian style that will mark 2022! What is the Parisian style?

The Parisian style, in which French women reflect their lifestyles on fashion, began to take its place in the showcases to leave its mark on 2022. Shabby but stylish pieces reflecting the Parisian style are waiting for fashion-loving women to unite. Parisian style that will mark 2022! What is the Parisian style?

When it comes to fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the Parisian style , which reflects the fashion and lifestyle of French women . It is one of the unique styles of Paris, which is described as the heart of Parisian fashion, which comes from the word ‘Parisian’. The style, which exhibits a shabby yet stylish and modest attitude, also exhibits the lifestyles of women who have adopted fashion. In addition, the Parisian style, which fashion icons do not remove from their trend lists and stylists do not hesitate to remove from their collections for every season, rolled up their sleeves to make their mark this year as well. Although most of those who see the Parisian style, which manages to be at the forefront of street styles, envy, it is not very difficult to have it. Combining plain and simple pieces that do not require effort with the right accessories can make you a doyen of Parisian style. This style, which gives an extremely calm appearance away from exaggeration, can turn a stone to other preferences with small touches. So how is the Parisian style applied? In today’s article, we have researched the rules of the Parisian style for you.


  • Comfy shirts or blouses;

If you want to express your style with shabby shirts or blouses, which are indispensable parts of the Parisian style, it is useful to add the right colors to your preferences first. The first rule is that the shirt you prefer should not be tight, especially for you to catch the Parisian style!

parisian style

  • High waist loose trousers next to shabby shirts;

You may be one step closer to the style you envision with high waisted loose trousers as well as shabby shirts, which are a must-have in the wardrobe of women who want to make the Parisian style speak for themselves on the streets.

parisian style rules

  • The timeless appearance of plaids;

always give a chance to plaid models

While classic looks will never be beaten by time for Parisian styles, plaid models will especially help fashion-conscious women with hijab is at the top of the list of choices. In particular, plaid clothes reflect the Parisian style with a high dose of black lines in warm brown tones.

The power of parisian style plaids

  • gains vitality with accessories;

If you have mediated the meeting of the pieces that comply with the rules to capture the style, the eyes may be on you for your special meetings or in the circle of friends with the accessories you choose. It is enough to express your scarf, belt or french beret style without ignoring the air that small touches add to your combinations.

parisian style that will mark 2022

  • Jackets embodying the main lines of the style;

parisian style combination proposal

Blazer jackets, which form most of the main lines of effortless elegance, are mentioned a lot in Parisian style as in every combination. . The jackets, which are generally not missing from the wardrobes of women who like to add different styles to their style, seem to continue to leave saving touches among timeless pieces this year.

main line of parisian style jackets

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