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Patterned scarf models suitable for winter months 2022

There are scarf models suitable for clothing fashion. In addition to ready-made turbans, taffeta scarves are frequently preferred by hijab women. We have researched the scarf models you can choose according to your outfit for the year 2022.

Hijab women have difficulties in choosing both scarves and shawls when combining in winter. It is necessary to choose scarves in suitable color tones and patterns on every outfit we wear. The scarf to be worn should make the person feel good and should be suitable for the combinations. The chirpy scarf colors chosen in the summer season are replaced by more brown, mustard and gray tones when winter comes. In addition, one of the first things that comes to mind when choosing a scarf suitable for winter is to use clearer, darker colors. In other seasons, scarves with several different colors are preferred, while in winter, scarves produced as a single color are offered for sale. At the same time, the most useful scarf models in cold weather are those with a thick fabric structure.

Minimal and geometric patterns take the lead among the scarf models that have become more popular lately. It is obvious that many women with hijab prefer chain-patterned scarves and they carry their style to the next level. Compared to the past, the fact that patterned scarves are preferred instead of single color scarves has been a savior for many women.


In 2022, black scarves with an empty middle and chain patterned edges are preferred. These scarves are available in many colors, although they are usually black.

You need to choose the scarf that is suitable for the outfit you are going to wear. Dark colors can generally be used for special occasions. It is also known that snakeskin and leopard detailed scarves are in demand.


  • Before purchasing the scarf, make sure that the color and model are suitable for your skin. Ease of use is more important than quality. It is also very important that it does not wrinkle and slip.
  • Another point to be considered while choosing a scarf is the place of use of the scarf. For example, the model and quality of a scarf that will be used on an evening dress while going to a wedding will not be the same as that of a daily scarf.

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