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Pieces that adapt to spring! Spring models 2022

The pieces that are among the 2022 spring summer trends of the fashion world play a big role in our longing for sunny days. It’s time for comfortable trench coats that we can get rid of inflatable coats and wear during seasonal transitions. So what are the pieces that quickly adapt to spring? Trend pieces that marked the spring of 2022…

The pieces exhibited in the showcases of the 2022 spring-summer collections started to be at the top of the trend lists. These pieces, which stylists offer their imagination, double our longing for sunny days. Capturing the harmony of colors and patterns that we cannot get enough of, women are on their way to becoming fashion icons. The insatiable elegance of the blazer jackets, which have made a name for themselves every season, especially in these recent times when the hijab fashion has developed, reveals a comfortable and cool style in office environments as well as street styles.


  • Blazers;

blazer jackets

Blazers, which are in the wardrobe of almost every woman and have become a joker piece, take the leading role in this season’s collections. The jackets, which radiate joy with their colors and models, continue to be one of the savior pieces of this year so that we can create combinations in the most practical way.

While it is an undeniable fact that blazer jackets and trench coats fit well with every outfit, the blue and green duo that will mark this year makes us feel nature with a taste of mint.

blazers matching

H&M / Green Blazer Jacket: 499.99 TL

H&M / Blue Stylish Trousers: 379.99 TL

H&M / Black Thick Sole Loafer: 429.99 TL

H&M / Beige Trench Coat: 759.99 TL

H&M / Black Shopper Bag: 249.99 TL

  • Matching trench coats;

Harmony of trench coats

It’s time to put trench coats and thick coats on the shelves, reflecting the inspirations of the past. The pieces that managed to take this wind behind them are among the favorite clothes of spring. Trench coats, which can be dressed with the desired colors in almost every combination, never get bored of being in the showcases. The comfort and cool look of these pieces, which are the first to attract attention in every period, are the kind that will be the subject of even movies.

  • Hello to patterned dresses;

Hello to patterned dresses

These days when we wait for sunny spring days, medium-thick patterned dresses that will make you feel the wind blowing are in fashion with their colors and models. He plans to take the addicted women to a spring full of energy. She may be dying to be combined with modest dresses, suede boots and trench coats on mildly cool days when we wait for spring.

matching of patterned dresses with trench coats

ZARA / Patterned Shirt Dress: 659,95 TL

ZARA / Soft Leather Plain Loafer: 659.95 TL

ZARA / Canvas Crossbody Bag: 499.95 TL

ZARA / Comfortable with Belt Trench coat: 759.95 TL

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