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Power of the universe style with Marvel X Pandora: Guardians of The Galaxy!

Pandora’s iconic collaboration Marvel x Pandora has joined forces again. This time, Marvel x Pandora, coming together for the Guardians of the Galaxy collection, is ready to add action to its style.

Guardians of the Galaxyspirit, Marvel x Pandora came to life with Inspired by unexpected heroes, friendships and fun from the galaxy, the new collection is filled with characters and symbols that fans will love. Add excitement to your style with the Guardians of the Galaxy collection, which consists of five charms and a ring. You can see the most striking pieces of the collection in our photo gallery.

Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket symbols, hand-finished 925 sterling silver charms, iconic details and character lines on them are among the most popular jewels of the collection. Groot’s dance moves, which are engraved in memories, come to life again in the charm’s playable body.

Star-Lord’s “Magnificent Mixed Cassette” turned into an eye-catching charm in the collection with its bright details. Combining Pandora’s exciting craftsmanship, Guardians of the Galaxy offers designs that fans can easily recognize, adhering to the authenticity of the characters.

Pandora’s Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli say the following about the collection: “With Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re stepping into a new world within the Marvel universe by continuing to talk about what makes someone a superhero. They’re not the superheroes we know, they’re outlaws – so they don’t take themselves too seriously. To put it simply: Open your favorite ’70s playlist and get ready for a little dance getaway.”

The #MarvelxPandora collection is on sale as of February 16. The most striking pieces from the collection are in our photo gallery…

Important steps for a sustainable world from Pandora

By 2025, Pandora aims to reduce its carbon footprint, water use and other negative environmental impacts by turning to 100% recycled metals, and to reduce carbon emissions to zero at all stages of the supply chain, in stores and offices. The company, which has switched to 100% renewable energy in its production centers, will obtain metals used in jewelry production from completely recycled materials in 2025.

– Pandora is taking another step in the sustainable use of metals, launching in the UK at the beginning of 2021 made entirely of lab-made diamonds. “Pandora Brilliance” released his collection. With this collection, Pandora will start using lab-made diamonds in its jewellery.

– Within the framework of sustainability, it adopts a corporate culture that respects human rights, is inclusive and prioritizes diversity, taking into account the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

– Working in collaboration with UNICEF to reach more than 1 million children and young people to learn how to express themselves in the best way possible and to find jobs in the future.

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