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Prada presented Eternal Gold, the first sustainable jewelery collection made from 100 percent certified recycled gold.

This first jewelery collection of Prada, which we can also call eternal and immortal gold, includes a total of 48 designs, 10 of which are more daring pieces and can only be purchased with pre-order. At the center of the collection is the Prada triangle, a strong silhouette and universal shape that has become synonymous with the brand. The collection features neo-classical pieces with snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces, and ribbon chokers. These jewelery pieces express power, presence and passion.

Since its birth in 1913, Prada has always created “luxury objects” and invented unique products for its customers through the highest level of Italian craftsmanship. Eternal Gold presents a new facet of this ideology with jewellery.

The focus of the Eternal Gold collection is truly eternal, timeless and constantly valued gold…

Prada announced this project about two years ago. Since then, the collection has been worked on, based on the vision of Miuccia Prada, the brand’s co-CEO and creative director. All of the jewelery is made in Italy, almost entirely in Valenza, known for its jewelers.

What makes the “Eternal Gold” collection different is its sustainability.

Every item made from 100 percent certified recycled gold (i.e. gold collected from electronic devices or other melted parts) is registered and approved by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Every step of the gold and diamond production chain can be verified and traced.

Prada only partners with precious metals and stone suppliers who meet the highest industry standards regarding human rights, occupational safety, environmental impact and business ethics.

Reducing gold mining benefits both the environment and human rights. Traceability of diamond origins has traditionally only been possible with stones 0.5 carats or larger; Prada expands the concept to stones of all sizes for the first time.

Every step of the life of every diamond can be traced. This covers the entire value chain, from mining to cutting, placing and polishing. In a groundbreaking new step for jewellery, records of this verification have been recorded on the Aura Consortium Blockchain platform, and the authenticity and journey of its pieces will be accessible to customers.

This is something that has never been offered by any other jewelery brand or luxury fashion house in the world. Ancient craft techniques, precious stones and materials and 21st century sustainability meet in a global luxury brand…

Challenging the traditions but not breaking with the traditions, Prada has stated that it will strengthen the high jewelery category.

I look forward to your next steps…

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