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Princess Diana’s iconic sweater was sold for an astounding price! For the black sheep, exactly…

The red sweater known as the “black sheep” worn by Princess Diana, one of the most iconic names in the fashion world, in 1981, was sold for a record price at auction. The sweater, which was put up for auction with a sales estimate of 40 thousand – 70 thousand dollars, was sold for 1.14 million dollars.

She won the hearts of millions with her beauty, innocence and helpfulness. Princess Diana Despite his unhappy marriage and death at a young age, he is one of the most talked about names of today. Princess Diana, who attracts attention with her unique style and attitude, also makes a name for herself with her fashion-forward choices.

Princess Diana

The princess’s fiancée in 1981 King of England II. CharlesHe wore it in the polo match he went to with “black sheep”His red sweater, known as the Red Sweater, was put up for auction years later.

Princess Diana’s iconic sweater

Diana’s from 40 years ago Sally MuirAnd Joanna Osbornesignature iconic sweater At Sotheby’s Auction HouseIt was sold at auction on August 31. 40 thousand – 70 thousand dollars The sweater, which was put up for auction with a sales estimate, became the center of attention. The sweater sold for less than 200 thousand dollars until the last minute in the auction that started on August 31. for $1.14 millionsold.

Princess Diana’s sweater is up for auction

Diana’s press secretary Joanna Osborne, related to sweater with sheep To Oliver EverettThe special letter he wrote is also available to visitors at the auction house.

Joanna Osborne letter

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