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Religious values ​​were targeted at London Fashion Week!

Irina Shayk exhibited interesting outfits on the runway at the fashion show held as part of London Fashion Week. The targeting of religious values ​​in the clothes exhibited did not go unnoticed. The outfit, designed with colorful and bright fabrics brought together, was likened to the chador worn by Muslim women. In the name of fashion, Islamic values ​​were once again insulted.

Irina Shayk was the head model at London Fashion Week. The clothes worn by the 36-year-old model at the world-famous brand Matty Bovan fashion show stunned those who saw it. In recent years, the Gucci brand has also insulted religious values ​​by dressing male models under the name of fashion.

It added a new one to its designs targeting Western civilization(!) religious values ​​at regular fashion weeks every year. Shayk, who has a serious fan base, was dressed in an outfit made of colorful and bright fabrics. However, the fact that the dress was similar to the chador worn by Muslim women caused reactions.

Despite all the backlash, Shayk arrogantly posted on his social media account: “Thanks Matty Bovan. I’m happy to be a part of your creative journey.”

Irina Shayk

Under the name of fashion and art, religious values ​​are constantly targeted and then a perception of freedom is tried to be created.

religious values ​​targeted at london fashion week

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