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Rules for looking good in office styles! How to apply office style?

While maintaining the office style standard in some sectors, it can be difficult for fashion-conscious women to produce combinations. We searched for the rules of office style for women who do not want to compromise on their elegance during working hours. How to apply office style? You can find all the details in our article.

In some sectors that do not go beyond a certain line in office style, fashion-conscious women do not like the fact that their dress preferences are standard. In the working environment, we can get rid of the classics from time to time and create the office style with more trendy and more colorful pieces. As the Yasemin.com team, we researched the rules of looking good in office style in order to make even the always-worn double suits completely different with a single touch.


Some private and public sectors may not be able to handle cheerful colors. For this reason, if you work in a company that has made it a rule to dress uniformly, you can start working with a combination that does not catch the eye of the boss by catching the harmony of colors at a contrast level. If looking formal with light colors isn’t your thing, you can try a monochrome color match.

You can achieve monochrome harmony in office style

When office style is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is suits with a suit. However, it has been a long time since the teams brought them to the streets by giving them different touches and took them out of the classics. However, this does not mean that suits cannot be worn in the working environment. While it is important to be serious in the private and public sectors, it is essential to stay away from tight trousers and waist-fitting jackets. For this reason, you can choose loose-fitting trousers with an A-cut skirt and oversize jackets.

youthful and iconic office style

The past journey, which has been frequently encountered in fashion in recent years , can also be carried to offices today. You can enjoy working with your colleagues by combining the new generation cuts of current pieces with standard colors. It is a great chance for fashionistas that young and iconic long vests, which you can choose with shirts, quickly adapt to the business environment.

You can create combinations with black and gray dominance

There is another way to animate combinations without breaking the formality. Women who prefer to look stylish everywhere also want to reflect their style in their working environment. Therefore, one of the ways to look stylish in environments such as offices is to combine heavy and noble tones such as gray and black. In addition to the combination of colors dominated by plaid patterns, you can give an opportunity to zebra-patterned transitions. You can also enliven these pieces by wearing a shirt or blouse, which will go well with jackets and outerwear or trousers.

combine different pieces of fabric

Fabrics such as velvet, leather, suede, chiffon, organza, satin to create an up-to-date touch in your outfit during working hours can add different colors to your environment. gives shine. With the combination of pieces made of such fabrics that shook the trend lists in 2022, it may be inevitable that you enter the elegance race with your colleagues. In addition to going beyond the standard look, your style can speak for you in the formal environment you are in, with a velvet blazer jacket that will not break the formality, meeting with a pleated skirt.

create your own details

You can decorate an extra ordinary suit with accessories that you will create with your own humble ideas instead of striking details. You can choose the preferred shirt inside the jacket with a scarf, frill detail or fluffy shoulders, or you can get a stylish look with a self-patterned skirt.

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