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Singer Yıldız Tilbe dazzled with her dress!

The famous singer Yılsız Tilbe, who took the stage in a venue in Istanbul, dazzled with her elegant dress and style.

Making a name for herself with her unique style, Yıldız Tilbe met with her fans in Istanbul the previous evening. Yıldız Tilbe, who started her concert with the famous song “My Boyfriend” , did not leave the stage for three hours. Tilbe, said, “It’s nice, it’s warm here with you” .

Famous singer Yıldız Tilbe, who left her mark on the concert with her cheerful demeanor, preferred a red dress for the stage. Tilbe’s red dress was highly appreciated.

star tilbe

The famous singer, who was very happy with the attention he received, wore a flower crown of a fan in the later part of the concert.

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