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Somer Sivrioğlu has done it again! This time the grandmother wore the curtain.

Somer Sivrioğlu, one of the chefs of the MasterChef program broadcast on TV 8 screens, continues to shape fashion with his unique combinations. Sivrioğlu became entangled in the language of social media with the interesting detail in the outfit she wore this time.

Somer Chef, the fashion icon of MasterChef, one of the best cooking shows, was among the most talked about names with his interesting outfit. Sivrioğlu, who once made clothes for herself with the indispensable curtain model of almost every house, fell into the language of social media. Many users poured congratulatory messages on Sivrioğlu’s vision.

Somer Sivrioglu

granny came wearing her curtain!

Somer Sivrioğlu, who came to the fore with his unique clothing preferences rather than being a chef, added a new one to his collection that he created for himself. He almost passed on a curtain model, which is the indispensable decor of almost every house, dating back to the 80s. While Sivrioğlu’s evaluation of this piece as an outfit shocked everyone, the famous chef also fell into the language of social media.

Somer Chef’s new collection

The chef, who took the flowers of the curtain to the front and back of the dress, used the motifs below on the sleeves to bring stones to the fashion icons.

Somer Chef’s new outfit

On the other hand, Sivrioğlu, who is on the Twitter agenda, also published the shares on his own account.

Somer chef fell into the language of social media

Somer chief also published the posts on his own account.

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