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Spring 2022 trends!

With the fall of the first cemre of the year, the spring is starting to feel its arrival slowly, and the changing of the season shows that we need to update our wardrobes. For this, first of all, it is useful to know the pieces that are on the rise in the 2022 Spring and Summer trends. Here are the 2022 Spring Summer trends we have compiled for you…

With the month of March, we can say that there are only a few days left to welcome the spring of 2022. The clothes designed by stylists according to the season continue to inspire us in our combinations. The fashion world has not neglected to leave detailed touches for the first spring and summer months while bringing the winter months of this year together with stylish and warm trends. We took a trip to the spring and summer trends of 2022 to welcome spring stylish, colorful and cool.


  • Leather parts;

Leather parts

Although leather pieces seem to be suitable for winter months among the trends, they rolled up their sleeves to welcome spring as well. Leather pieces, which are among the indispensables with their fabric and appearance, succeed in being at the forefront especially in skirts and trousers. In 2022, leather pieces seem quite ambitious to be at the top of the trend list.

  • The back-to-school bell rings;

The back-to-school bell rings

Especially not forgetting high school years started to reflect on their clothing choices. On top of that, with the empathy of the fashion industry, this spring school combinations can replace the preferences in street style.

  • Colors meeting;

The meeting of colors

In addition to the color “Very Fairy” determined for the year 2022, this is also different tones. will rejuvenate the year. According to the ideas of the stylists, you can now add a riot of contrasting colors to your combination ideas instead of the same tones. As a matter of fact, you can see that the visual standards have changed this year on the shelves of famous brands.

  • Play as a team;

Play with the team

While making combinations can be a problem for some women, the way to maintain elegance is to get support from matching pieces. We can welcome this spring with a smile with our outfits.

  • White nobility;

The nobility of white

The indispensable color of spring, white succeeds with the dominance of patterns on the surface it wants to adapt to every skin. Which color can dare to inherit the throne of white, which brings women to an innocent and naive look with the tiny touches on the preferred clothes?

  • Rule of skirts;

The rule of skirts

The miniskirt era is now over. Long skirts that throw the dust off the streets with their cuts and plaid patterns are coming to leave their mark on the spring and summer of 2022. Yüksel, with its waist comfort, continues to rule among the savior parts of all women.

  • Bohemian preferences;

Bohemian preferences

Abandoning spring nights, bohemian styles have the right to walk the streets this year as well. Bohemian attitudes, which are in harmony with the calmness of summer evenings and consist of more draped pieces, have completed their preparations to leave their mark this year as well.

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