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Survivor combination from Berdan Mardini! Survivor 2023 style was mocked!

Singer Berdan Mardini, who is preparing to participate in the Survivor competition, came to the fore with his style this time. His combination, which he created specifically for Survivor, became a laughing stock on social media.

Berdan Mardini, who surprised everyone with his decision to go to Survivor, became one of the most talked about names in recent days. Mardini, who started preparations for Survivor, often shares his moments of sports on his social media account. The famous name recently copied Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s outfit and shared it on his social media account.


This time, Mardini came up with the last post he made before going to Survivor. Mardin, “I’m going to Survivor, see you when I get back” The outfits she wore in the frames she shared with her note became a mockery on social media. Here are the frames he shared;

This share of the famous Türkücü was showered with comments by many users.

Some social media users; “Brother, are you going to go to the tracks in a holiday outfit”, It’s like going to the army in the first photo. I came to say good luck.”, “Brother, are you sure you went to Survivor”, “Did you put your tights in the suitcase”, “How many tights did you fit in this suitcase”, “Don’t go back without wearing tights”made comments like

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