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Knitology is a wearable fashion concept that reaches the hearts of strong women by weaving its complexity, diversity and cultural heritage into digital… While designing the present and the future, it also targets the aesthetics of virtual worlds. We talked to Bahar Ceren Arslan, one of the founders of the Knitology Society, which creates its own world as Phygital.

• Who are the founders of Knitology, which is a fashion concept that presents a vision of contemporary women’s clothing and digital experiences together?
Bahar Ceren Arslan, who combines fashion management experience and economics education in her work, and knitwear guru Tamer Tamtürk, her partner in crime in the fantasy world. 🙂

Bahar Ceren Arslan

• What is the story of this brand that blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds?
KNTLGY, “What if it was inspired by the silhouette of a woman who still carries the textures of the past and tradition, but has adapted to the future and the digital world?” We can say that it is modeled as an answer to the question. And at the same time, we are the phygital actor of a story that has been shaped by the 3D design processes we met while trying ways to produce with less harm to our nature and our world with our belief in sustainability, and discovered to combine conventional fashion promotion with digital art…

• Could you talk about the definition of “Phygital Fashion Brand”?
We are positioned as the intersection point of meeting both your digital identity and your real self with fashion, with the production of each digital design and its physical twin. We are trying to open a door for you to combine two selves in parallel universes by dressing every product you want to put on your avatar in the metaverse world, also in real life.

• How was the name “Knitology” and the “KNTLGY” logo born?
As I mentioned at the beginning, my partner Tamer, who allowed me to realize my imagination, is almost a knitwear master. It is very possible to obtain the physical of every digitally designed product, both technically and sustainable, with knitwear. The flexibility of the material and the endless design space provided by knitwear production led us to the concept of “tricology” at the beginning of the road.

The logo emerged as the most unique and distinctive attitude of our brand. In order to establish the bond with its past and traditions, we had a deep brainstorming with the leading calligraphers of our country and had our brand name written in calligraphy. We integrated it into the QR code silhouette in order to express its adaptation to the future and the digital world.

• What are the inspirations of the world of Knitology?
Of course, digital art and meta-concepts, augmented reality. The strong woman symbol, every phenomenon, every detail with clear corners and lines, the projections of geometric lines that move diagonally and independently from each other, fabrics and threads that can dance with Turkish sea blue, the main color of our brand, graphic designs and many more…

• You prepare your collections using digital software with the technological developments offered by the digital world. Can you talk about the design, production and sales stages?
The design phase starts by filtering the ideas that emerge after long researches and continues with models in 3D software. Blender, Style3d, Unreal Engine are just a few of the software we use… The part we enjoy most during the sales phase is to be able to obtain the digital of every physical product and the physical of every digital product you buy as NFT.

• You include contemporary touches in your brand identity. Considering fabric, print, material, details; What do we come across in design codes?
At the moment, I am happy to be able to say that software coding itself is included in our design codes. 🙂 We obtain all the patterns we use by combining keyword entries and data using artificial intelligence. By choosing the most suitable fabrics for these patterns, we come to the final accessory stage.

• What are your sustainability vision and goals?
We adopt being more digital in order to stay in a sustainable production model. Fabrics and accessories, which are produced hundreds of samples and transferred without calculating their carbon footprint, instead of tons of water spent for washing; This is the main reason why we do three-dimensional modeling. And then, before we go into full production, we open our designs for pre-sale, monitor the reactions and habits, and then start production with minimum quantities. We organize our production numbers by tracking data such as sales reports and click-through rates. At the same time, we take care to choose our organic or recycled fabrics, and our accessories such as buttons from options made from real seashells instead of plastic.

• Knitology welcomes the season with two main collections called “Sensation” and “Generation”. Can you tell us about the Sensation collection, which represents a return to introversion?
In our Sensation collection, as you mentioned in your question, we transfer introversion and metaphysics to our designs with a spiritual approach. Our avatar Yanes is the backbone of Sensation with the habits of the Y generation it represents. Yanes cares about clarity and depth. The designs created with these inspirations are reflected in a calm, simple, minimal aesthetic that adheres to the traditions. We create the collection with a color palette with a beige and navy blue background. We accept the color of the Turkish Sea, which has become the identity of the brand, as the main color like black and white. In Sensation, we work with more natural looks in material selection. We emphasize linear images, patterns, serene silhouettes.

Generation collection, which represents the taste of freedom and self-discovery…
Generation, on the other hand, is our collection that is used to a rebellious, strange beauty, shaped with unexpected details… Here, our avatar arheZ is our inspiration when creating the collection. ArheZ, fed with digital, avant-garde, bold, electronic music, is a representation of the Z generation for us. Of course the whole aura of arheZ permeates the designs. Generation’s main color palette consists of black, white, mint and Turkish Sea blue. The material selection is more flamboyant, brighter and more transparent compared to Sensation; Designs come to life with fabrics such as satins, velvets and organzas.

• As a digital fashion brand, your presence in the metaverse world is remarkable. What is offered in this universe?

Our main goal is to enable you to live your real self and your digital identity together. We are trying to build our digital community by collaborating with leading organizations such as Sandbox, Spatial, DressX. As KNTLGY, it is our hobby to be an actor in a gamified universe and to be the gatekeeper of fashion.

• What awaits us in the digital future with Knitology Society?
Experiencing our world of design in our phygital stores, tasting fashion at the intersection of techno and classical music, meeting every point where augmented reality and three-dimensional design software have come, are just a few of the priorities awaiting our community members…

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