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The last episode of the Forbidden Apple series, Kumru’s clothes! Prices stunned

Fox TV’s Medyapım signed series Forbidden Apple leaves its mark on Monday evenings every week. After each episode of Forbidden Apple, which has attracted great interest for 6 seasons with its plot and cast, actor’s outfits are investigated. We discussed the outfits of the character Kumru, played by the leading actor Biran Damla Yılmaz, in the 156th episode. Here are the clothes and prices of Kumru, the last episode of the Forbidden Apple series…

Biran Damla Yılmaz, who took part in productions such as ‘Broken Flowers’, ‘Miracle 2: Love’, ‘Canevim’, gives life to the character of Kumru in the last 2 seasons of the Forbidden Apple series, which is now broadcast on Fox TV screens. Playing the role of the daughter of wealthy businessman Doğan Yıldırım, Kumru appears before the audience with a character who is used to living luxuriously and is pampered by her father. Kumru, who is not grateful to anyone who does not compromise his upright stance, is also one of the leading names in society life. Kumru, who only looked at her father’s hand last season, appeared as an expensive bag designer and brand owner in the new season. While Kumru attracts the attention of social media with her private life, her stylish outfits that she changes during the day also attract great attention.

As the Yasemin.com team, we researched the brands and prices of the clothes worn by the character of Kumru, played by Biran Damla Yılmaz, who is in the lead roles of the Forbidden Apple series, which hits Fox TV screens every Monday.


On the other hand, the clothes preferred by Kumru, who deserves the rich life due to the fiction of the series, do not compromise on quality with their fabric and design, while the prices are astonishing.

Clothes of the Forbidden Apple Dove

GİGİİ’S / Emerald Green Dress (Beatris): 6,550.00 TL

Forbidden Apple 156th episode outfits

PULL&BEAR / Long Sleeve Camimushroom Brillo: 308.52 TL

PULL&BEAR /Brillos Bell Trousers: 443.59 TL

Forbidden Apple Dove

IHANDMORE / Penelope Jacket Blue: 3,800.00 TL

SOS UNLIMITED / Verde Nilo Dress: 800.00 TL

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