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The most beautiful bindalli models of 2022!

Bindallı models designed for brides-to-be are indispensable for henna nights with their colors, motifs and embroidery. Bindalli, where small touches are made every year, has become the most assertive part of the showcases for 2022. Yasemin.com reporter Müge Çakmak researched the bindallı models that will mark this year and dazzle with their nobility. Here are the bindallı models of 2022…


Henna nights, which are usually held the night before the wedding, are among the traditions and customs. It has another importance for brides-to-be as well. The choice of bindallı is very important in order to prioritize the nobility and elegance in the henna night, where sadness and fun are together. Brides-to-be can dazzle visitors with their bindallı preferences. Matched for all sizes, bindals are coming this year with more alternative models for women with hijab. Yasemin.com reporter Müge Çakmak visited the fair for the bindallı models of 2022 that will be talked about with their designs and embroidery.


  • Navy blue bindal model;

Navy blue bindallı model

The dark blue caftan model bindals, which will make the bride candidates look elegant and aesthetic, leave their mark on the night with its glittering embroidery in its color. can hit.

  • Shalwar style with bindallı;

Model with shalwar wear bindal

The models with baggy bindals, which are usually designed on dresses or in the form of a dress, will make a difference. Brides-to-be who prefer this model may wear the most talked-about bindallı of the year with its different appearance.

  • Blue bindallı model;

Blue bindallı model

Women who love simplicity may want their henna nights to be understated. As an alternative to this, we can recommend the blue bindallı model. This model, which is not fluffy and given the form of a dress with modest details decorated with small flowers, can please the bride-to-be as well as the visitors.

  • Asymmetrical skirt model;

Asymmetrical skirt model

Asymmetrical skirted models that will mark 2022 for women who love to show off, appear in the showcases with their puffy and skirted details. . This bindallı model reveals its magnificence with its folded skirt and puffy sleeves.

  • Dress bindallı model;

Dress with bindallı model

Brides-to-be who have difficulty in wearing two separate pieces can choose bindallı models that carry the form of a dress. You can decorate your dream henna nights with this design, which gains movement with its golden embroidery.

  • Modern bindallı model;

Modern bindallı model

Dazzling modern definitive bindallıs with their embroideries made their mark on the trend list of 2022. The weight of the stones used in this model also seems to be talked about a lot.

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